Saturday, 27 May 2017


For weeks I have been walking around with a screw driver in my hand bag.

I am a zero spender and we live in a rental apartment where we are responsible for everything inside.
The kitchen is fine (not good) but fine. The kitchen cabinet handles are dreadful however. And of course, once I had seen the handles, noticed the handles, decided the handles were dreadful - I could think of nothing else. We needed new handles.
I talked to the man, he wouldn't mind new handles. But the old had to be saved so that if we move out, we can put them back in. (Yes, national rental regulations are very different.)
Of course we do not want to spend money on something we do not own but I had a plan.
I measured the existing handles and especially the distance of the holes in the cabinet doors.
And then I put a screw driver in my pocket.

I had seen that old kitchen and bathroom cabinets were common on the street of large waste collection, sometimes even other days. The cabinets usually still had the handles left on them.
If I had a screwdriver with me, I could rescue - evacuate - liberate - steal - reuse - adopt to a new home - the handles so callously put out on the street by the previous owners.

The daily walks around town now had one eye looking for old cabinets.

They were plenty, with and without handles. Some handles were horrible. Some where non-standard. Some where wonderful but then I did not have the screwdriver with me. Usually when I was far away from home and could not go back for them later.

But then the other day - the handles appeared. The gaudiest, elaborate, standard in size, non-standard in appearance, handles appeared. (I still had to go home for the screwdriver because by now it lived in my hand bag and this day of course I went on the walk with out it).

This is a picture of the old next to the new handles.
There were only three of them but we only needed three for one side of the kitchen.

Personally, I think they are a great improvement although I am not sure that I like them that much.
The man loves them and finds them amusing, hilarious and because they are not at all like anything in our kitchen, the best thing ever.
He now wants six other different sorts of handles the the six remaining kitchen cabinet doors.

I keep the screwdriver in my pocket and keep looking for handles to add to what will, if all goes according to the man's plan, be a very eclectic mix of handles in an otherwise quite standardised kitchen.

The best thing? They can be removed in thirty seconds and changed into something else.

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