Monday, 29 May 2017


Most people have ornaments in their home.

Here is my best advice regarding ornaments if you are not moving.
Pack them all up.

If you really miss something specific in a few weeks, put it back. This is not torture, it is a chance to change.

Feng Shui say that nothing has an impact after six months. The message of ornaments will disapear and have no impact in your life. If you like me live with a blind person (not literally), ornaments for them blend into the background within a few months or weeks (days!) and does not matter.
If you are like me, you are impacted and activated with change and ornaments is one of the easiest ways to change your home life.

Take a look at everything on window sills, shelves, fireplaces, tables and walls.
Does it DO anything?
Is it a candlestick with a candle you actually light? Is it a lighter? Is it a lamp? A bottle opener? Is it alive? If it doesn't breath or have a function - pack it up. Just that. Just packing it up. You are not to get rid of it.

Now enjoy your space for a few days. Perhaps even weeks.
Do you miss a particular item? Unpack it.
Do you want something special? Do you have something already that will work? Unpack it.
Do you want something you do not have. Put it on your wish list.
Do you need something that does something special?
A storage shelf instead of an ornamental table?
A living plant instead of  porcelain kitten?
Is aunt Gertrude's old vase now finally out of the way and you can display your own pottery? (Leave her vase packed up. You are more important.)
Fill the space you pay for and call home with yourself and who you are now.
If you are happier in the past, keep the things that ground you. Otherwise, display reminders of a future that excites you.

The first time I cleared out ornaments and packed them up was 1997. I mentioned it at a couples dinner some days later (those were those days and that lifestyle). The woman ran -RAN- around the apartment looking for ornaments to prove me useless. She found a gigantic pine cone on a window sill that I had brought back from Rome and came back to the dinner table to finish her food dressed in the satisfaction that I was a useless liar and ornaments were good. She was never invited again.

I am not sure what this story tells about ornaments. Or about me for that matter.

Sometimes it is difficult to change, but it is almost always impossible to change others in any other way than by quiet example.

If you are moving, get rid of everything that is purely decorative. (I say this although nobody will do it but it might make you think.)
Your new home will need new decorations.
Your new life should be decorated with new ornaments.
Be your current, or your future.
The past you will always have within you.

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