Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Finally the scaffolding has come down.
The roof is mended, the entire house is painted and we have repaired and painted windows (outside) and new floor boards on the balcony.
After almost two months, we can walk onto the balcony again.

We are the lucky ones. The other half of our apartment house just got their balconies covered and wrapped in building scaffolding.

The Seeds of 2017 that germinated and survived are now outside. The old and free seeds did as expected not give much.

I have ten cabbage plants (but there is one or two that looks very unhappy and may not make the transition). I also have nine tomato plants growing strong and I hope that they will give some of the promised cherry tomatoes.

There are also four fennel plants and five broccoli plants. It is a little late in the season for them to go into larger pots if I was hoping for any harvest this year. But that is the current situation and that is what I will have to work with.

The large crate with wild strawberries flowered inside and started ripening berries as soon at it got into the warm outside. There will be any enormous harvest this year, but the pleasure to hunt for dessert after a dinner on the balcony makes it worth the work.

The man grew hot peppers and they are coming up fine. A bird visited yesterday and decided it was fun to pull up the little plants. Most were rescued and replanted but when the trash gods provided half of an old bird cage today, it come home with me and now protects the peppers.

The man also grew artichokes - even if we really not have space for the full sized plants. Only two survived into pots and I have high doubts that they will survive the week out.

A small pot of parsley is struggling to grow strong but hopefully something will develop into fresh herbs. I also have one strong parsley plant that grows in my oak tree pot. Together they strengthen each other and it is great to always have access to fresh parsley.

My oak tree was given to me by a bird who last year dropped an acorn in our crate of plants. By the time I found it, it had germinated and got potted somewhat sloppily. Apparently it was done right though and my little oak tree has survived both the winter (covered outside) and springtime (inside). Oakie's pot is not very big and I try to stint its growth in order to keep it "balcony sized".

We also have a plum tree that we are SO happy to have back out on the balcony after six weeks spreading her leafs, flowers and budding plums all over our living room. It truly has been a wild spring but finally Prunie is spreading her long arms over the edges of the balcony.

The temperamental bougainvillea the man has had more than ten years, is equally happy to be back outside. She hates us and anything that changes. A proper pre-teen. Any movement results in a tantrum where she looses all her leafs in protest. This year however, Bougie went from a warm kitchen to a hot summer day and so far - fingers crossed, although not very hopefully - she seems satisfied.

Yes, all our larger plants have names. They are mostly female but not always. It depends on how they behave. I talk to them too, mostly soothing as if to toddlers, especially when addressing Bougie. They are family members until we get adopted by cats or dogs again.


  1. You have a beautiful green thumb! All the plants on my balcony are fake. It's best that way for me . . . .

    You've got an interesting blog here with some good topics so I'm going to follow you, if you don't mind.

    1. Just the first steps of trying to learn how to feed my self. I wish I had known that fake plants was an option! Good going. Welcome along for the ride!