Saturday, 10 June 2017


Before having thrown the useless oil lamp out - finally! - I was dreaming about real candles.
It has been uncommonly cold the last week. 
Candles that light up.
Candles that smells nice.
Candles that warms up a room.

I knew we had lots of candles but of course the question was:
How many candles and candle holders did we hold?

Besides my antique candle sticks to which I have no candles and unless I go completely satanic or medieval (latter more likely), no candles will ever be placed in my pricket candle sticks
(pique-cierges gothiques) and most certainly never lit. 

The man has two pewter candle holders for long candles on top of a book case. Currently we have one long candle in one of them. That is a good start isn't it?
We might put long candles on the wish list for later in the year. It really isn't something we need but it might be something we want if the right sort comes along.

We also have 128 tea lights. One unopened bag with 100 tea lights and one opened with a few left.
Some are already in the soap stone candle holder we use for tea lights.
All tea lights are all the small, burns for 4-hours variety (because re-lighting tea lights is not easy and you get more light for your buck if you let it burn out naturally, while in the room of course. The melted candle can ignite and become a much bigger candle. A dinner torch. Not fun. So I always buy the smaller ones.
In the cold and dark season, we light one or two tea lights per evening at home and let them burn out. Because we are lazy we do not replace the empty cups everyday but rather change them all in one go.
So they all sit in a tray with stones from around the world. (Don't light this many tea lights this close together at once, they will ignite each other. True story, seen it happen several times.)

I took a tour around the house to look for more candle paraphernalia. There is an old cigarette lighter on a book shelve for lighting the tea lights. There are two glass tea light holders in the kitchen cabinet that we drink whiskey out of (nice and heavy in the bottom) and I know I have a brass candle stick in storage (that I love but don't need right now).

How many candles do you have?


  1. Not that many candles here right now; a citronella one from last year on the kitchen table (supposed to keep flying insects away when lit, so it could come in useful this summer again) plus two thick "stump" candles on glass plates (designed for candles to sit on). Those two stump candles are one grey, one cream coloured one, so as to match the colour scheme of my living room. And thus they sit on the sideboard in the living room, but are only lit when I feel like it, which is not often now that there is daylight until well after 9:00 pm.
    And then there is a bag full of tea lights, like the ones you have. I mostly use them in autumn and winter. They last me a long time!

    1. Then your candle budget for the rest of 2017 and probably 2018 too, is exactly 0. Good!

  2. I have switched over to battery-operated candles exclusively now. Much safer. At the moment, I have 3 large candles on my sideboard and 4 tea lights in various small holders. But . . . deep in my closet . . . I have about 200 tea lights, I kid you not. They are left over from when I was a heavy tea light candle user with my drumming circle. I need to clear them out and get rid of them.

    1. Let me just pinch myself, I never thought I would say this, but safe candles is just a little boooooring isn't it? But as always, rather safe than sorry. Either clearing out the tea lights or perhaps taking up drumming again?

  3. I had to look candles in site except a gift one from Christmas that is supposed to smell like pine. I use it if sometimes while cooking but I kinda of just like the tin it is in. I do have part bag of tea lights somewhere and a big pillar candle inside a decorative glass lantern thing. That's about it. My mother is a crazy candle lady so I am trying not too follow in her footsteps.

    1. This made me giggle. Lessons are lessons wherever they come from...