Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I count a lot of things. Money, trousers, pens, memories and blessings...
Now I also count calories.

It is not easy.
I thought it would be easy. I thought it would be just adding numbers up.
And it is.
But I have to figure out what the number is first.
And that means I have to find out the kilo-calorie content of everything I put in my mouth (or have put in my mouth).
And then I have to figure out how much I ate, so I need to weigh and measure everything I eat.
So on the kitchen scales everything goes.
My guess for what things weigh is really off and so I weigh everything.

Did you know that two slices of cheese (and I use a Norwegian cheese slicer, a ostehøvel) weight almost 30 gram?
And since 100 gram of cheese is almost 400 kilo-calories those two slices of cheese are 120 kcal?
I did not know that.
And I have never eaten two slices of cheese at any given time. Ever.
Twenty is a more likely number. Or an entire block of cheese.

But not now, because now everything goes into a food diary.
All or most of what I eat is home cooked from scratch so is a little fiddly.
But at least until I learn how to measure, weigh and count properly I will try to keep this up.
I mean, at least until I learn what food items needs to be limited and what are free to indulge in.

We went cycling the other day. Four hours, 48 km. It burned around 1400 kcal.
Everything I ate that day has been religiously counted and if need be, re-measured until I had a complete food diary for what I ate that day.
Breakfast porridge, coffees, two double sandwiches with cheese and mustard, boiled egg, home made veggie stir-fry (no fat) with rice, a beer, a glass(-es) of wine and some lemonade came to 2081 kcal.
It took three days to put all the numbers in and there may still be something missing.
Excel did the adding up.

It has been very very educational.
That day I can see that I myself drank the excess calories which I could easily have avoided.
I will keep it up for more days until I learn to put the right stuff in my mouth.


  1. I could never eat two slices of cheese either. Especially brunost.
    I would rather walk a few extra kilometers every day.

    1. Brunost is made for walking, some towards it, others away. :)
      (one slice 66 kcal, 466 kcal per 100 gram; a mile per 100 kcal)