Saturday, 24 June 2017

Cycling trip 2017

I really like this cycling trip thing we do occasionally. Normally I prefer walking. It gives time to think, time to see and it is easy to stop and to observe. Walking forces you to stop in uninteresting places to rest and during the time there will always be something to see, think or be wondered about.  Some places however are so crowded, or flat (or uninteresting?) that cycling is the only method of movement.

We took our bikes, me on my normal iron horse city bike and the man with his touring bicycle. Loaded bicycle bags, me with my donated chunky plastic bags and the man with his branded specially fitted bags. The packing was simple as we just followed the tried and tested packlist 2015, established years ago for the two of us. There were very few changes to packlist 2017, but this time we enforced the fundamental packing principle: Clothes are packed 2+1, one to wear, two in the bag. Nothing more, nothing less. Two pairs of socks for example rotates every second day, with the worn pair washed in the evening. The third pair are kept as spare, for the days when laundry does not dry or washing isn't done. We also knew we would have predominantly good weather so rain clothes were packed but only one warmer sweater for evening.

We had warm weather. The temperature kept going up. After six days it was closing in on 35 degrees (C). My dna grew out of a very cold sea and I am not adapted to warm weather. I live well around 20 and 25 is a good warm temperature. When it pushes 30, my brain boils and by 35 I do not leave the basement.

Cycling went fine until the temperature went up to the 30s, then my brakes would not operate any longer without loud protests. Unfortunately this coincided with us approaching the "mountains" (a term really only used ironically in these low lands) where roads are build by flatlanders who think that a good road goes straight down. As well as up. I walked many hills up and my brakes screamed their way down all hills.

Camping is lovely and as it is still so called low season, plenty of space every where. One night without car or electricity and only a tent is around €15. We slept out eight nights, cooked most of our own food and ate cake every day. Or vlaai as they call it.

In total, with trains for us and the bikes, together we spent €468 and did not deny ourselves anything.
It could have been less and it could have been more.
(Actually, it was more but that was money spent on replacing equipment or fulfilling wishes.)


  1. Glad you had a good time! I'm with you, though -- anything above 25C is too hot for me.

    1. Yes, we should be the hot ones, right, not the weather!