Sunday, 25 June 2017


I have turned all hangers in my hanging wardrobe back-to-front.

Coming home from a cycling week+, doing laundry and unpacking everything, I developed a longing for nice clothes. Clothes that sit fitted to the body. Clothes that are ironed. Clothes that look a bit more sophisticated than micro-fleece and poly-streach.
The weather also changed from hot-hot to semi-cool.
This means that I have been wearing clothes out of my hanging wardrobe since I came back. It is very very nice. I feel very civilized.

The hanging wardrobe contains jackets, office trousers and tops that are ironed (or at least crease when folded). So in short, office clothes. That I very rarely wear to the office because I don't have an office type of job and rarely meet clients any more (and when I do, I wear high visibility gear and a hard hat).

The ambition from now is to wear the so called hanging clothes as long as we are in town. Some of these shirts I barely wear in a year but it is handy to be able to jazz up in full office regalia at a moments notice so they stay. Some if it, I use all the time and some I can not remember when I last wore. With the latest weight loss, I have also unpacked the thin-bag with clothes that I like and that are of good quality, but that I have not fitted into for a while. Those needs to be worn.
I also must see what I still can wear and what I need to alter. If I can't wear it or alter it, it will just have to go into the fat-bag until further notice.

Because if you ask my advice: Never ever keep clothes in your wardrobe that you do not fit into (at least sometime during every month). If it is good clothes that you like but just will not zip up right now, PACK IT UP. Label it the thin-bag, and if you are really organized list the content and the sizes on the outside so that when you do loose that weight, you can shop for free in your own wardrobe.

To make sure I know what has been worn and not been worn, I turned all hangers backwards. When I take something out, I have to un-hook the hanger back-wards. But when I hang it back in (after wearing, washing and ironing if needed), the hanger will be hung back in normally.
I can therefore see what has been worn from today until that day. And hopefully, when I dress, I will chose something unused.

I still have my ironing to do, but I plan to count the hanging tops (covering upper body) when that is done.


  1. I've heard of this "turn the hanger" method before. Interesting!

    1. It is the easiest method I know to work ones way through a wardrobe!

  2. My "wardrobe" such as it is could use a professional touch. I think I'm long overdue for a complete makeover anyway. Some days I just want to throw most of my old stuff away. I'm just not very fashion conscious and one of my favorite colors is plaid. Still, you are a good motivator for trying to make sense of my closet and drawers.