Friday, 30 June 2017


Weight loss

I have only one advice to anybody trying to lose weight.
No, two. Three perhaps.

1. Look up NHS Weight loss plan online. It is a 12 week help to lose or keep weight off. It is free, it is in English, it is no nonsense, it is healthy and it has an excellent calorie counter.
2. Go vegetarian as much as you possibly can.
3. Don't drink calories, avoid alcohol, juices, smoothies and all those high-calorific liquids
And move, move, move. It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you move.

Of course, if you really want to lose weight, actually really want to, not just wish that you would lose it without the work, you have already skipped the soda and the take-outs. 

Boil an unlimited amount of vegetables with salt, put a slice of cheese on top and dinner is done.
Boil three eggs for in-between meals if you need them.
Boil porridge in the morning. 
Boil vegetables and mix it in its liquids until soup for lunch
Move more. Exercise if you can, but move, move, move.

The instructions are really that simple. 
Move and eat simply.
It is the execution that is hard. 
The first step is the worst.

Don’t be the biggest looser. Lose your weight slowly, no faster than 0,5 kg/1 pound per week unless it is coming off quicker naturally.
Don’t be the biggest looser and don’t quit.
Eat, eat, eat – never go hungry. 
Move, move, move – never stop the muscular motion.

I refuse to look at new targets until I have reached my target weight and proved that I can keep it. Meaning for me that I stay within a kilo (about 2 pounds) of my target weight for at least three months.
Still not quite there yet, and I need to stay motivated. 
This is really hard. Much more difficult than work. 


  1. You're right -- "drinking calories" is a mistake many people make.

  2. If I lived alone it would be much easier.

    1. I have trained the man to never to portion my plate without me and he has trained me to always include vegetables in every meal. You really have the right to choose what you eat, or not eat.