Thursday, 8 June 2017


I can throw out the useless present the man accepted when I was away.

A friend of ours had received a present from a client that I think she had to accept and she offered it to the man who accepted it.
It was a little stupid oil lamp holder to put in a stupid empty wine bottle.
To which we of course had to go and buy our own lamp oil. (Not a huge investment.)
And then we had a wine bottle on the table for months and months.
With a little oil lamp in it that kept breaking more and more as the months went by.

The little oil lamp has been lit every night in the dark season just to use it up.
The little oil lamp did not provide any warmth.
It did not light up the room.
It smelled
It would extinct if the window was opened.
It was an all round completely useless thing.
It was not purely ornamental but empty wine bottles are not really my style of interior design.
Not even if they have an oil lamp in them. It did DO something but it did not fulfil any kind of need.

And almost every time I refilled it, I estimated how long until the lamp oil was used up.
I dreamt of the day I could throw the whole thing out.
It took way longer than expected. It lasted almost a year!

But all bad things come to an end and FINALLY I filled the lamp with the last of the lamp oil. 
One single evening later, the bottle for the lamp oil, the empty wine bottle and the little oil lamp went into the recycling (because we sort our waste carefully).

Lesson: Don't accept presents you do not want. Make sure the next owner really wants something to use it when you pass unnecessary items along. 
I know, I could have just thrown it all out (the man agreed to its uselessness) but that would have been a total waste of the useless thing.


  1. Don't keep anything you don't value.

  2. I just accepted something from my Nana that I don't really want. Hard to say no a 91 year old lady! Anyone problem!

    1. Ah, the granny guilt... it is effective! Take a picture and let the item go..?