Wednesday, 7 June 2017


I made a vegetable casserole last night because I found a recipe using quark (kvarg for the Scandies  and kwark, quark or queso kvark in most other languages). It has become the hipster-vegetarian protein source by choice so it is now sold everywhere. I had almost forgotten about it. I know it from my childhood on a hot summer day with a tea-spoon of jam in it. (It is not cottage cheese!) Pirogies around the Baltic sea are usually filled with it. Cheese cakes are made from it.

In a magazine I found in the neighbourhood free book shelf, I found the
Potato, tomato and courgette layer. (Slimming World from October 2008; as good as new)
Mine looked like this and was delicious.
I calculated that the calories for what I made was about 230 calories! (I only used one egg, and slightly more quark, skipped the cheese and added more vegetables to my bigger form  (The man had a giggle fit when I explained how well I had followed the recipe - as a force of nature I refuse to be tied down to a recipe.) There was nothing left for him by the time he got home.

Later in the evening, following the rule that you can eat anything you make yourself, I made cake.
Just a small 50 gram butter, two egg sponge cake, baked on low heat for 45 min to make it moist.
No picture.
We ate the whole thing after dinner while the rain and storm tore through the country.

I just calculated the calorie content. 2200 kcal.
I ate half.
I enjoyed it.
Bite me.


  1. I've seen quark in the grocery store but have never tried it. No photo of the cake? Didn't last long enough to take one, eh? Hahahahahaha!

  2. I had to google quark, interesting.

  3. Part of the new diet program?

  4. I read about it, i did not know. How do you know the hebrew name of the cheese? it is nice:)

    1. Vikings are not the only group of people who roam the world (and feed everybody in the office...) :)