Thursday, 29 June 2017


I wore glasses until 2006 and never could wear sunglasses. Then I got lenses and the world of sunglasses opened up to me. Currently, I am going through sunglasses like I have nothing else to do.

I remember that in 2010 when I started reducing my possessions, I had several pairs of sunglasses. I know I wore an ugly pair for a few months until I just got rid of them so that I could wear a nicer pair that I had. As soon as I did, I promptly broke the nice pair.

I know I bought a pair in panic on a day out in 2012 for probably €2,50. That pair now has a large crack in each of the glasses but are still serviceable as an emergency pair.
Today I keep 1€ as my maximum price for sunglasses (because that is what the cheapest cost around here). I've bought I think two €1 glasses in the last three years.

I suppose I could double or even triple the budget for each pair of sunglasses that but I am not at all sure that I would get better quality. They all are sold on the European market by reputable importers and are marked with the correct standard and CE-labelling (because that is what I look for - regulatory compliance). They are what they are and since I am a human destroyer of sunglasses, I will not pay for brands.

The fourth pair of €1 sunglasses in three years broke in my bag this spring. That was a pair I had high hopes for. I even spent 20% more on them than before. 1,20€. They broke  within three months.
Yes, I know, I could use a case and not let them rattle around with all of my other stuff in my bag. Do you do that?

I don't. After all, the previous third pair lasted over a year!
And the second pair before that survived four years.

I brought the broken sunglasses on the bicycle trip. I did buy a fifth pair after the fourth pair broke but although quite stylish, they turned out to touch my apple cheeks when I wear them. That is very annoying. I really do not like that. (Yes, I have huge apple cheeks.)

The cracked glasses was not a problem, but one day I woke up in the tent and the side frame was broken. Easily fixed with a little metal piece found on the ground and some duct tape. However, a new pair was urgently needed. Three days later when we cycled through a relatively large town, a new fifth pair was bought in semi-panic due to the strong sun-light.
The cost was enormous: 4€. Horrible.
But they fit well, are in my type of design, the glasses are very dark and the only thing I have to say against them is that the frames are blue. Bright blue. Electric bright blue.
Hey-ho, what is a girl to do. At least I will look cool. (Yes, I do look cool, don't argue with me.)

This brings the total amount spent on sunglasses since 2012 to 5,70€ + the above mentioned 4€.
7,20€ in five years is more than 1€ per year but I hope the blue and the touchy pair of sunglasses will last several years.
Otherwise, I always have the stylish cheek-touching pair and the broken pair in reserve.
This is also a story on how to accumulate stuff.

How many sunglasses do you have? How many have you had in the last five years?


  1. I don't wear sunglasses. My regular prescription glasses turn dark in the sun and then return to normal indoors. I haven't worn sunglasses since I was a kid.

  2. I squint like Clint (Eastwood) if I don't wear them.

    1. And portraying the good one, I presume...

    2. I am always one of the good guys. :)