Thursday, 1 June 2017


How many pairs of leg coverings do you have?
Did you have to take all of them out of the wardrobe AND do laundry to be able to count them all?

I did. I had to. It took a few days and required a written list.
I have 30. Not 30 pairs of trousers. That would be silly.
But 30 pairs of different sorts of bottoms. They all fit but they are not all in great shape.

This consists of:
4 pairs of jeans (one pair to be discarded, I am just waiting to have my bum fall out of the back one last time). Because I have worn out the oldest most worn clothes over the last year, the remaining three pairs of jeans are in very good condition. One is bought from a second hand shop.

7 pairs of office trousers and all almost identical style and brand. Although this is a vast overstatement. 2 of them are really worn and not suitable to wear out of the house any more. 3 are in good shape, mostly because I rarely wear office clothes any longer although I used to and these are kept to fulfil random needs to dress up into a proper nice office lady again. 2 are white (off-white) because some of the things I had to do in my previous lifestyle was to attend conferences in hot weather and my regular dark suits really would not be suitable or comfortable. So I got an off-white suit from my regular style and brand with an extra pair of trousers. It was a life saver many times just changing the tops. And now, when that part of my life is properly over, I have two pairs of off-white office trousers for the summer.

3 pairs of summer trousers where two of them are identical, one white, one black and the third one was given to me by the trash gods last year. I found a pair of hot pink trousers in my size in a trash pile and they almost fit (I have taken them in in the waist) and they are almost long enough (but I wear them rolled up as a proper hipster). They are not my regular style but I enjoy them because of the colour. I do leave the house in them. We'll see if they remain after this summer season is over.

3 pairs of hiking trousers because I have spent a lot of time camping, hiking, cycling and living in the woods and although I now mostly just hike with my back pack, good gear is needed. Well fitting, durable, sensible colour, side-pockets, light-weight and quick-drying. They are not cheap and they can not be sourced from the trash piles but they last a very long time (if the weight is kept constant - or at least comes down after a week or two on the road).

4 pairs of pyjama trousers or should they perhaps be called sleep- and lounge wear? Soft trousers most certainly not to leave the house in. Two in cotton about to wear out but still hanging in there, one in silky quick-drying material for summer camping and a thicker pair for cold winters. I hope to sew my next needed pair so I get the softness I want and most importantly, the length I want from my pyjama trousers.

2 pairs of sports trousers are also available. They include one pull over warming gear left over from my more sporty life style of my university years and although well over 25 years old by now, in excellent condition (just a few repairs) and still used (although not very often for sports, as I do not do that kind of sports). I also have a pair of yoga-pilates-jazz dance stretchy trousers that I got for nobody knows what reason but they are used when doing pilates on the floor with my ten year old pilates DVD and does not really take up much space so they will stay. I also hope that if I hang on to my exercise gear that fits me, I will shorten the distance to actually performing exercises.

5 pairs of shorts, skorts and skirts can also be used to cover my bum. This includes the only pairs of shorts I currently own, which were found on a street corner and although excellent quality and my size really are not very flattering at all for my body. Actually to be frank, they make me look ugly. I should get rid of them. I have said it before. I also own two skirts, both parts of suits and the same style, brand and material as the office trousers above. I don't wear skirts, I don't like skirts, and not dresses although I also have two of those. I feel skirts are restrictive and they remind me too much of my conservative upbringing and conservative previous work life. I also have very much too much length of leg for most skirts, often showing off way more than is appropriate for a woman almost 50 and my underwear too. I prefer skorts. Skirts with shorts under. Commonly used by golfers, tennis players and hikers. Really convenient for travelling in religious countries and for sitting down to picnic anywhere.

30 pairs of bottoms, and it should be down to 25 in a few months when the "on the way out" pairs have been discarded.

The conclusion TL;DR of counting all my bottoms is that I now KNOW that there is really nothing I need for the bottom section of my wardrobe. Unless the trash gods gives me something irresistible.

How many bottoms do you have?


  1. 3 pairs of jeans (1 is old and ratty);
    2 pairs pyjama pants;
    4 pairs of good pants for work;
    1 pair of stretchy pants;
    4 pairs of shorts;
    3 pairs of capris;
    1 pair of padded bicycle shorts
    TOTAL: 18

    I didn't realize I had so many until adding them all up!

    1. You are an example for us all! You are set for the rest of the year!
      Good going!

  2. Oh! Boy! I don't know where to start!!! Lots! :)

    1. My feeling exactly but you start from one and by collecting all trousers from all wardrobes around the house in one place.

  3. Oh dear... I have... let me think (I am NOT getting up, opening my wardrobe and counting the trousers now!!)...

    5 pairs of office trousers (I work at an office almost every day, but actually I wear skirts and dresses more often to the office than trousers)
    3 pairs of blue jeans
    5 pairs of coloured jeans (white, red, pale blue, pale green, pale yellow)
    3 pairs of capris(knee-length; one of them more than 10 years old and soon on its way to the Red Cross)
    3 pairs of non-jeans (grey, burgundy and silver-grey), one of them ready to be given up
    2 pairs of running pants, knee-length
    2 pairs of running pants, full-length and "thermal"
    2 pairs of hiking/trekking trousers
    2 pairs of pyjama/lounge pants which I only ever wear in winter
    2 pairs of pyjama bottoms which I don't think should be included in this list because they are not part of regular outfits to leave the house in
    no shorts at the moment apart from a 20-year-old pair of black adidas sports shorts which I wore in my Badminton-playing days

    That is A LOT for one person! No new stuff needed for the rest of my life, unless my size changes considerably, which is unlikely :-)

    1. Adding it all up, I got 30 not including skirts and dresses. You have a well-covered bum!
      (And I realised I forgot to include my thermals on my list - they are occasionally seen in public, at least early spring on camp-sites, so on the bottoms list they go.)

  4. I have about 20 trousers. My downfall is T shirts. I probably have fifty. I should throw half of them away.

    1. Ah, yes, I will wait a while before I publicly count "tops" ehm - But if you have too many, you could just take the best and store them out of sight for a year until you worked your way through the bad ones.

  5. Did NOBODY notice that 4+7+3+3+4+2+5 in the above post is NOT 30?
    Apparently I can not add ---
    EDIT: I have 28 pairs of bottoms (and a pair of thermals)!

  6. I should count mine. I think I'd be disgusted. Currently the only organization they have is 'fits' and 'hopefully will fit again soon'. Also in summer, I live in dresses and skirts. I dislike pants with buttons, jeggings are a gilrs best friend...even with my current body shape situation.
    P.S. I am enjoying your blog!

    1. I'm enjoying your comments!! So I hear you have trousers in your wardrobe that fit and trousers somewhere in a bag for future possibilities, right. Let me know how many fit after you have tried on and counted. I'm waiting...