Monday, 5 June 2017


I am trying to come down to ±0. I am currently stuck on +2.
This means that I want to lose another 2 kilos (almost five pounds).
Then I will be within healthy BMI.
Then I will be down to, but not passing, the weight I promised myself I would never go beyond.
(No, I will not be thin. That is not a target weight or dream weight. It is just not over-weight.)

With the work and attention to exercise and food the past two months, I have stopped gaining.
However, I am really am stuck at +2.
So now I am stepping it up a notch.

I downloaded the NHS weight loss programme where the target is 150 minutes of movement a week, one strengthening exercise a day, 1400 calories for a woman a day including five vegetables.

Through the daily exercises, the daily walks, the cycling and the hiking in the weekends and as we still mostly eat vegetarian, most of it is already accomplished. 

The hard part is the calories. I have no idea the amount of calories in food.
The task I set to try to learn is to
- note everything I eat
- weigh food when cooking
- figure out the calorie content by reading food labels or using on-line info.  (Does everybody know that there is almost 400 kcal in 100 gr of cheese? 100 grams of cheese is very little cheese!
I have never eaten so little cheese in one go in my entire my life.)
- record all calories.

After two days it has turned out that I really do not eat 1400 calories per day (however I do not eat 3000 calories any longer so good on me!! Yay!).

Thankfully I like my porridge plain and that is only 150 kcal (no milk). (I have eaten oatmeal porridge for breakfast most of my life so having another portion for lunch is not a problem.)
Then I can keep snacking on fruit, raisins, müslie bars, strips of iceberg salad, cherry tomatoes, green beans or knäckebröd through the day. ('cause I am a snacker, I like to snack, but I have noticed that it really doesn't matter what I eat as long as I have something next to me.) My coffee is less than 20 kcal per cup and I have at least 4 a day. And lots of water.
I then eat a normal dinner with the man in the evening and with as much cheese as I want.
But only one portion. And it has to be a normal portion. (We cook for 4; he eats the rest or makes lunch boxes with the left-overs - usually just eats it. He needs to keep his weight up.)
I have a bit of fruit for dessert.

And after two days, I moved from +2 to +1,7 so it is clearly working. Now I will work on keeping it up for a week and then weigh myself again.

Do you count calories or do you just starve yourself as a diet?


  1. I never diet. I just try not to eat an excessive amount of processed food or junk food. To me, food is one of the pleasures in life and I don't like depriving myself of it.

    1. Enjoying food, eating clean food and not eating excessively are three vastly different things. But food control and increased amount of movement is a help to loose it once it is adding on.

  2. It amazed me the amount of calories in certain food when I really started to pay attention. I used an app that had the nutritional info on just about every product as well as fast food joints. Although eating at fast food places is likely one of the sources of my problem.
    I know I will never skinny but a healthy weight is also my goal.

    1. Healthy weight is the only goal anybody should go for, remember that French fashion models! And fast food places, really? You know better than that...