Tuesday, 11 July 2017


The handle of the colander has been wobbly for quite some time.
Yesterday it broke off.

Now we use the colander like this. A pair of almost worn out tounge-and-grove pliers do their possibly last service.
It works fine - almost fine anyway. Good enough. No emergency. Plenty of time to think if we need a new colander. Maybe we can change our behaviour and use the lid on a pot to pour off excess water? Maybe we can use the smaller colander that we now use as a fruit bowl? Maybe we can use the sieve more although it isn't quite big enough for pasta or salads? Maybe by using the sieve more, it would break too and we could replace two with one. 

Even if we think we want a replacement colander, some thought would be needed as to what that new colander look like? One handle or two handles? Perhaps somebody has invented a collapsible colander/sieve - we are always short of space.
Perhaps if we wait long enough, somebody will even give us one. Or we'll find one on the street or from the second hand shop.
Perhaps if we wait long enough, we'll stop eating pasta and have no need for a colander.
Possibly this is nothing we need to worry about for yet another couple of months.

Because even if the handle broke on the colander, we still have a fully functioning colander, although looking a bit unconventional. So we don't have to buy anything.

The problem, if there ever was one, has been fixed.

If anybody is in Paris over the coming weekend quatorze julliet, for Fête nationale,  let's meet for an aperitif or a café creme.


  1. I don't like colanders with handles, because they're awkward to use. I have one that just sits in the sink on raised edges so you can use both hands (if needed) to manhandle the boiling pot of whatever. I'm proud to say that colander has served me well for 41 years and counting.

    1. Hmmm this makes me rethink the whole thing, at least for function. I doubt I will be able to find that quality!

  2. We have one with small handles on two sides and that works well.

    1. But but, I hold the long handle in one hand and then pour from the pot held in the other hand... I need to learn some new moves clearly...

  3. I seem to have unfortunately accumulated several sizes of plastic colanders. I have a pasta pot with it's own fitted colander that I tend to use most. Another item on the TODO LIST, clean out colander cupboard, donate.