Tuesday, 4 July 2017


I have lost 22 centimetres around my waist since March. I have lost at least five kilos since then and possibly close to ten since January.
I have am now down to my target weight, the weight I would never go beyond. I am not thin. I am just where I used to be.
Most importantly, I am within a healthy range of BMI!

I have upper arms that looks like arms instead of water balloons. No more bingo flaps.
I can also stand one one leg again.

In two years, I have gone from an unfortunate shower accident and shoulder physio-therapy with a prescription for exercises to do (or I would have to come back), to an increase into micro-exercises, the daily walk and then on to some more physical activities. Not really sports though, just movement.

The ambition was that whenever I thought I was fat or without muscle tone to get down on the floor, up against a wall, do some micro-exercises.

Lift legs. Bend forward. Lift a book above the head. Pull the exercise elastic. Lift a weight with arms. Stand on toes. Balance on one leg. Try to plank (yeah right..., I still keep trying that one) Do a few sit ups. Try a push up. Lean against a wall. Hold the belly in fifteen seconds.
Doing exercises was the only target, not the amount of it.

The aim was to never watch commercials on the TV without doing exercises simultaneously.
One day I managed to do a push up. On my knees.
I was thrilled. It had taken several weeks!

Three months later I could do three. On toes. Some days.
Then five.
Now I can do almost fifteen - and on my toes. Then I drop to knees and do another five-seven.

When we came back from Lisbon this spring, we caught bad colds and were in bed over a week. When we came up weak and shaking, we decided something had so happen.
Bellies were started.
We found an app in the app-store that was free and contained a short belly-exercises program.
It had no screaming.
There was no fanatic cheering. No music!
Just a normal looking person showing the exercise and a timer that gives a soft bell when starting.

We almost died doing the first program for five minutes. 
We kept it up and after two weeks, it got easier.
We fitted it into the morning routine after drinking coffee and going for a shower, the time previously used for aimlessly browsing the internet.
After a month, we increased the timer to a total of seven minutes. Then to ten.

Then the last week before the cycling vacation we tried to level up the program. We thought we were so fit. NO GO. We are now back to ten minutes on the first level.
I have however, added arm exercises to the program and the man does some of the movements he needs for his sports. We also stretch a lot!

The lesson has been learned: It does matter how much physical activity one has, but a little is better, much much better, than none at all. With time, also slowly performed exercises will generate benefits, and make it easier to do more.

The hardest exercise is never the last one you do, it is the first.
The one that you start with is the one you usually didn't do.

Look at NHS wellness lose weight program. Use their good and common sense advise.
And keep it going. 

Note to self: And keep it off.


  1. Congrats! That's a true accomplishment!

    1. Honestly, uch, much harder than expected but eventually got into it. (It really feels good not resting my boobies on my belly any longer.) And congratulation anybody who manages to keep the extras off and doesn't have to do a weight loss!

  2. Way to go! I just started stretching every morning and love how I feel after. I have those apps..I am going to use them!!

    1. Good going! I want to have progress reports! (Also OTT, just let me know!!!) A little, only a little, but keep it going every day. Also a bad day of training makes a difference!