Saturday, 26 August 2017

Internet free

I have broken a personal best.
My new record is now eight days in a row without internet activity.
I did not log on anywhere for anything or look at any screen.

Being out cycling in the wilderness with a not so smart phone as the only tool for connection, helped.

We have spent eight days cycling across the wildest parts of the Netherlands. It means that there were uninterrupted  kilometres of forestry and wild heather and sand dunes. But also that there would be a café serving coffee and apple-cake at suitable intervals and villages with public transport and super-markets throughout the day. Camp-sites almost everywhere. It is difficult to camp wild here, it is so densely populated, but easier by being member in an organisation who provides access to simple, rustic camp-sites off the tourist comfort routes. Which we are, so our camp-sites are non-commercial, rustic and almost peaceful areas to camp in.

Sleeping out seven nights in a row with more than unstable weather requires some skills and resilience. We only brought two cycle bags each and had our trusted tent rolled up on top of one of the bicycle bags. Me again on my city bike, the man on his touring bike.

The total costs came to €267 for two which is more than I expected since it only contained one meal in a restaurant (well worth it as we happily ate our way through a large lunch while the thunderous rains passed). However, there was a lot of cake and anyway, €134 per person for eight days of vacation is acceptable.

I also spent €32 on a new, very needed pair of walking shoes and €15 on a high-tech, brand-named exercise t-shirt in a lovely colour that fits me perfectly. Both were worn immediately, actually, the new shoes replaced the old straight in the shop. Both on sale, both with extra reductions on the sale-price as it the last weeks of sales.

I also spent €10 (over the top expensive) for a bicycle mechanic who early Monday morning replaced my broken break wire, again giving my bicycle breaking abilities. I was happy to pay an over the top price as he fit the five minute job into his already planned day before he started on everybody else's bicycle and we could cycle on.

Coming back to the internet after eight days, there was very little of news, messages or emails that felt important to read or respond to. The lesson learned is that living in the real life, in real time with real people is good, and enough for a good life.

Although I am supposed to be off blogging and mostly off the internet, I am apparently still reporting my spending and inventories on-line.
After eight days, I also came back with a number of blogg posts in my notebook.

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  1. Awesome! If I didn't need to use the internet at my job I'd like to think I could go without for a few days.