Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Paris 2017 costs

For my personal records and potentially also for some general interest, this is a report on expenses for spending almost three weeks in Paris.

The first trip was to pet-sit five days for friends of friends. Total amount of money spent included an excruciatingly expensive ride on the fast-train (also late both directions) and was probably around €350.

The second trip, just two weeks later, was to cat- and garden sit for an old colleague while the family went on August vacation (just like all French people try to avoid and still do).
The man could spend the first week in Paris too. We worked most mornings and after lunch or early afternoons we went out to walk the town and the surrounding areas.
The first week, including two museum fees (covering three museums) we spent in total €313,09 for two, including one sushi dinner and one dinner at a lovely Mauritian restaurant. The total cost has been included in our running budget and paid through our bucket system.

The man had to go back home for work so the second week I was left on my own. I was on vacation from my job so I left the house and the cat early in the morning, returned late in the evening and spent the entire day in the manuscript room of the Bibliothèque National - Richelieu frustrating over spidery handwriting in huge ledgers from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. One day and the weekend I roamed the town, walking from morning until evening, or until I could handle no more, and then went home for dinner and cat.
That second week I spent €105, not including the €20 fee to access the research part of the Bib, nor the international bus that cost me €53 round trip but took time. The sum however does include metro tickets (ten single tickets for €14,90), coffee (costing €0,4 in the machine or €3,5 at any hippy corner café) and food (from supermarket, always taking food with me for the day, usually a can of lentils and fruit, buying fresh bread (€1-2) from a baker in the afternoon as a supportive or restorative afternoon snack. In Paris, you can still walk down the street with a baguette in one hand, ripping pieces of it, stuffing the warm bread in you mouth. However, you can not ever bite straight down into you baguette! ("Infidel!", said nobody ever because in Paris most don't care.)

I paid my accommodation by feeding and watering cats, dogs and gardens, so there were no further costs for our in total 19 days in Paris; July and August 2017.

By the way, I noted that during the second and last week, I was stopped by French people no less than three times asking for directions. I still can not speak modern French properly to save my life but apparently I made myself fit in quite nicely. (It probably helps carrying a computer bag.)
The trash gods were also very generous in Paris. I'll tell about the French finds some other time.


  1. Ha ha, your comment about eating the baguette reminded me of what I was taught decades ago as proper, ladylike behaviour -- never eat or drink anything or smoke a cigarette while walking down the street. Needless to say, I've done both. What a stupid rule! Thank goodness that nonsense is done now.

    1. Ha-ha - I was 22 and a smoker for years when somebody told me it was unladylike to smoke on the street. I do not have a very refined background. (It took another ten years to quit smoking.)