Monday, 14 August 2017

Salt dispenser

For Jenn and others with interest,
This is our new salt dispenser.  (Not a promotion for any manufacturers or brands of salt, although, Hurray for companies who sell products in practical, refillable and reusable containers.)

Why is this special?
It is an anniversary salt dispenser for the company's 80th year.

I also add a picture of the cat I was pet-sitting in Paris for two weeks. 


  1. Yaay! Thanks! Excellent salt shaker and I am sure the cat is cool too.

  2. I have never seen a salt shaker like that, but I don't get out much. The cat certainly seems amiable.

  3. On my last shopping trip I bought salt (the same make), but didn't spot the new fancy dispenser. I agree with you about different types of salt. I have tried all sorts, and my cupboard is filled with half empty packs. However, I always return to my ordinary pack of La Baleine for the table, and 'grey' Gros Sel de Guérande for cooking.

    1. Once a favourite functioning system has been found, my advice is to get rid of (aka use up) all others (aka half empty packs in the cupboards).