Monday, 28 August 2017


The trash gods have been very generous lately. Particularly the trash gods of Paris provided astonishing gifts and contributions. I am very grateful and not at all ashamed.

There is a wealth of opportunities in other people's trash put out on the curbs, in the garbage found on the roads and in free-stuff-boxes.
Personally, I only take what I like and can use. Others gather what yet other people will like and can use. Together we reuse and reduce the environmental impact of other peoples consumption so it is a worthy cause. And frugal.

In Paris, I found and rescued:
Bag of skin-care samples including eye-cream, day-cream and a bottle of serum for the older skin. (Perfect for my skin type, a brand that I like but had never heard of and the total value is around €80 retailed). The carrier bag was dirty but it still had the tissue paper in it when I found it so the content was clean. I am completely over-whelmed with this find. I have never ever before found anything similarly fantastic and it is truly the star-find of my life.

Red unused vintage (style of 1960s) dress that fits me perfect (or will when I have taken it in and adjusted it some; I'll show a picture when it is done.) The dress is my style with sleeves and high neck-line with an almost knee length skirt. It comes out of an obscure French haute-couture house and is in such a gigantic size that even I can fit everything of me into it and still have room to tailor it to my body.

Dark blue denim jeans with zippered pockets. I have not worn blue jeans in thirty years but these are long enough for my long legs, slightly hip-er than anything I would buy and very comfortable so I am happy with them. Oh, and free. They were dirty on the knees but never washed so clearly only used once. The dirt came out with a simple laundry circle.
From the same stack of neatly folded trousers which were put on the street for anybody who needed them, I also took a pair of checkerd trousers, currently slightly too small in the waist which is nice, and a pair of summer trousers that I since then have lost the liking of, so they will be moved onto a charity shop. I left all the trousers that were not my style for somebody else.

Blue and white rugby shirt with 3/4 sleeves and cropped on the hip as used by bicyclists. It also came from the stack with the trousers. It has a logo for a local cycling team, the colour is good and it too was almost unused. It serves me well for summer evenings when it gets colder. I had nothing similar so even if I did not really need another sweater and never would buy something in cotton, I am very happy with this.

Two pairs of sunglasses, both brown. One authentic pair of RayBan which is my favourite style although I have never ever owned anything by the brand itself. Also one no-logo pair, more rectangular, which is the one I prefer. This means that the total cost of all sunglasses in five years is still €7,20 and now I most certainly do not need to buy sunglasses for a long time.

Now, the trash gods only need to provide me with a new sports-bra and I will be set for clothes and stuff for the year.


  1. Well done! My personal needs are simple and I will often shop the local second hand store for clothing.

  2. Wow!! Those are really great finds! The red dress sounds interesting!