Friday, 25 August 2017


With the weight reduction, I fit into all my trousers again.
Some of them I can fit with a thick sweater tucked into the waist band. Some now sit on the hip.
All, however, need a belt to stay up.
Several have already been taken in with wedges sewn into the waist band or had the waist taken in in the back (if they have mid-back seam.) Not all of them can however be taken in as much as I need.
My trouser stack is rapidly shortening, and nothing fits perfectly. 

I have raided (with permission) the man's trouser stack.
Five years ago I gave him -lent him to use- the jean's in his waist size that I no longer fitted into.
You see, the man and I have the same trouser size. Length and waist. We also like the same style of jeans. However, years ago when we met, I had already gained an inch (and since then, another inch) and could no longer fit into the jeans I had. So he could have them, to use.

Now I fit into them again and I got them back. They are even slightly on the big side, and slightly worn. I have an eye on all his other jeans, and he is invited to use mine (as several of them are men's trousers anyway). I am however told in no uncertain terms that his brand new G-star Raw jeans are off-limits. (They are probably too big for me anyway, but they are really cool so it may not stop me. "Off!", the man said. "Meow", I said, "I just want to touch, meouuw, just touchy.")

So the jeans with waist sizes, both one inch and two inches larger than currently needed, are folded up into my "fat-bag". I am not throwing them away. Who knows if I manage to keep the weight off when winter is coming? They can come in handy for mid-winter, who knows. Unfortunately, this also includes my BRAND NEW Levi's jeans I bought just this autumn. They are too big in the waist but there was then no way I could know that I would manage to do this transformation by now, and hey, at least I will have a very nice pair of jeans waiting for me if I do gain weight back on.
I do not keep clothes that currently does not fit me in my wardrobe. When I dress and something does not fit me, it is NOT hung back into the wardrobe. I just fold it up, not always neatly, and push it into the fat bag. (The fat-bag is zipped up and lives in the back of the man's walk-in closet together with tents and extra pillows. Easy to get to, difficult to take out.)

In Paris, the trash-gods also gave me a pair of dark-blue (that I never wear) denim jeans with zippers and seams in odd places. They are according to the labelled size not supposed to fit, but they are long enough and although slightly too large in the waist, fit well enough to use. And also almost brand new! I spent almost the entire second week in Paris in these jeans. The trash-gods also provided a nice pair of grey glen-checked thicker trousers that are currently too small in the waist, but since I own no "thin clothes" any longer, they came home with me as they are long enough for me.

I am left with the following trousers:
2 off-white (previous suit) trousers
2 linen trousers, one black, one white
3 office/suit trousers, barely used
1 Levi's 501, black (returned by the man)
1 Levi's 715, black
1 Shaft black which got a new zipper after they were bought in the second hand shop.
1 dark-blue denim Paris trousers
3 hiking trousers
1 pair of skorts
1 pair of shorts (the ones that was really ill-fitting before, now sit very nicely on my hips)

Into the fat bag have gone:
1 brand new Levi's 501, black
1 old much worn, bum almost falling out, Levi's 501, black
1 hot pink skinny chinos, a street-find that just can not be taken in enough to fit
2 pairs of shorts that need suspenders as well as a belt to stay up

In the thin bag, I have a pair of dark grey thicker glen-checked trousers that I have ambitions to fit over my belly (when the belly is smaller than now. I mean if the belly ever gets smaller than now).

Into the on the way out-bag went:
2 very worn black office, previous suit, trousers that were very comfortable to wear around the house but are so worn that I really should not go out in them, not even to the corner-shop.

So, still I have no need for trousers. Trousers are on the NO BUY list.


  1. It's handy that you and the man wear the same size pants. What if you don't change sizes for a long time? What will you do with the ones that don't fit?

    1. I go through my "fat bag" and my "thin bag" after a few years and donate what I don't like or don't think will ever fit me. Sometimes I regret it.