Saturday, 30 December 2017

Bought clothes 2017 - summary

By May 2017, I had bought the following clothes during the year:
2 micro-fibre long sleeved t-shirts
4 standard cotton t-shirts
1 vintage football jersey
2 wool hiking socks
1 blue t-shirt with buttons (trash find)
1 cotton striped long sleeved t-shirt
1 pair of full price original black Levis' 501 jeans

Total amount of money spent: €60 (not including value of gift cards given as payment for on-line surveys nor clothes provided for free by the trash-gods.

Since then, during the rest of the year, I have bought the following clothes:
1 cycling shirt
10 socks
2 sleeping socks
bra (on sale and identical to the one previously bought)
1 light weight fleece for running
1 second-hand wind breaker

Total additional amount spent: €63 (where the running fleece cost €35 and was a comfort buy when the causes of my heart condition was finally identified (diagnosis on symptoms is only half of it). It was worn daily for at least two months and brought much joy.
The trash-gods also provided a few t-shirts, several dresses, a rugby sweater, a pair of jeans and several sunglasses, all still being used.

I bought clothes for a total of €123 in the year. The budget was €10/month, totally €120, but the aim was to spend no money at all. So the spending was kept within the budget but the goal was not.

The year started with no clothes left un-used in "storage" but it ends with lots of clothes packed up, back in storage. Different clothes though. The storage is now filled with clothes that I like, of good quality and style but that currently does not fit me because I managed to lose so much weight. My thin-bags are emptied completely, mid-sized clothes are adjusted and taken in and all my fat-clothes (not nice phrases but we all have those clothes) is packed with clothes a size or two larger than the present body. Unfortunately, the fat bag also includes my brand new Levis' jeans as they were bought at the beginning of the weight loss when I could not imagine that I actually would succeed, or even dream of the extent of the weight loss. (I somewhat regret donating so much good clothes in 2010 just because I never thought I would ever be able to wear it again.)
Currently I am back at my pre-40 weight. This is the weight I steadily kept through my twenties and thirties abut completely lost track of in my forties. I will not pursue a lower weight but keep a keen eye on the scales to keep it steady.

I am going into 2018 with a €120 budget for clothes, again with the goal not to spend it. This must be spend on tight fitting, well fitting, tailored, high quality clothing for my current body. Nothing can be loose-fitting (I have plenty of those clothes, even if it is only because it is on a larger size.) I hope the trash gods will continue to be generous and especially in the region of slim and long jeans.
My clothes wish-list is currently very short, there is very little I need. The only item that I right now want, and almost need but not quite yet, is a second sports bra. 


  1. What do you wear to stay warm in winter? Those all seem like warm weather clothes.

    1. The winters of my present life is not like the winters of my past. Rain, wind and isolation protection is what I need now. If it gets cold, I pull out the old winter coat and the thermo ski trousers, double the socks, gloves and hats with a fleece balaclava. You have better winters!