Monday, 4 December 2017


On the first day of each month I calculate my assets. I count all assets but exclude pension right, the apartment where I live and any assets that I can not control yet. Divided with my annual budget this amounted to 36,14 years. This is less than last month even though I still work and have had savings but it doesn't worry me too much. Knowing that there are assets available for my modest and frugal lifestyle for 36,14 years (with the hope that future price increases will be covered by interests and dividends from investments) is mentally very soothing. I share my life but not my money with the man. He will reach financial independence sometime during next year (when FI reaches 25). Not that it will change his working habits in any way but it is comforting

Health-wise the month has gone from bad to better. The heart condition is almost under control and I am back at work half time. There are good and bad days but it works out so far and I feel optimistic for next year. I am on partial sick leave for the rest of the year just not to force anything. This gives time for lots of serious work including cognitive behavioural mental training, relaxation lessons, breathing exercises, yoga and daily physical training. And knitting. Knitting is very good soothing.

The last week I have added running to the daily exercises and walks. Four expeditions with interval running in the park, most of them together with the man (he is a proper runner) and it is really nice. I don't like jogging but running fast as the wind is fun (for the minute or so that I can do it). Weight wise I have managed to come down to the weight I had when I was between 25 and 40. I will try to keep it so officially the dieting is finishing. (I call this weight -5 kg, meaning it is 5 kg less than the amount I would never go past although I was +6-9kg at the beginning of the year. It has been hard work and although I am no longer following the NHS Weight loss that I used to, I will stay mostly vegetarian with two fish a week. (Cake and mayonnaise only if home and self-made.))

The growing season of the year ended recently with the harvest of the last chilli peppers. Lots of learning and experiences and even some edibles. The freezer is filled with frozen mint for the winter. This year I only planted from existing old seeds and the outcome was mediocre. The tomato seeds did the best though, even when years out of date. We have made a list of things we can and will plant in the future (and an even longer list of what not to attempt again).
Indoor plants have now come in off the balcony and the outdoor plants have been covered up. The temperamental bougainvillea (aka the hysterical teenage girl) of course threw a tantrum by being placed in the kitchen (our coldest room in the winter). She lost all leaves and flowers on the day when only I was at home. I swear, it looked like I had had a go at her with a chain saw. She does not like change. (Not to worry, we've seen it all before and she'll be fine again by next summer.)

In late February 2010 (in the Valentines sale after I had moved into an apartment with a bathtub) I bought a bath kit that also included a brand-name ladies shaver with several blades. For some reason that razor has not gone dull until now although I have used it continuously. But this month, November 2017, it has been replaced with an equally branded razor with several blades. If it lasts another seven years I will be fine until the year 2024. Then I can use the replacement blades for another seven years. (If each head lasts seven years, the thing will end up costing me €0,60 per year and I will not have to bother until 2030 or so. That will be enough.) This replacement razor is the most important buy this month. There is very little is on the shopping list for next year with the exception of more (and smaller sized) sports clothes and the dream of a new (to me) bicycle.

We don't celebrate christmas or any other religious holidays this month. Bu we have set up candles and hung more lights and winter decorations to fight the winter darkness while we dream of spring.

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