Friday, 8 December 2017


Today I have completed my fifth walk-run in two weeks.

I run in a pair of white running shoes that are almost unused but at least eight years old. Surprisingly, they seem to function well (normally running shoes only lasts a few years due to material deterioration, regardless if used or not).
Because it is winter, I use hiking socks as running socks. They are padded for toes, heals and shaft but mesh in the instep and top. (I think I bought three for €7 in 2016).
For running trousers I keep my indoor yoga-exercise trousers on and they are at no less than ten years old, probably closer to fifteen. When I go out, add my lined sports trousers from the early 1990's. They are bright blue and bulky but keep warm and dry quickly (and I already have them which is the most important thing.)
While it is cold, I will use cotton t-shirts and fleece sweaters to run in (I am rather warm wet than cold dry). When the weather gets warmer, I'll switch to a quick dry short sleeved and a long sleeved top/jacket to run in (that is if I keep this running lark up until the weather gets warmer).
Over that I put a bright green wind breaker of a fancy brand with a slight oil stain that I bought for €2 in the second hand shop fall of 2017. (I have recorded the buy in my list of bought clothes in 2017, but I have not yet updated it on-line.) It has been a real treat! It keeps me nice and airy while also being light weight and cheerful. Under it, I wear the sports-bra from 2016 (the only surviving sports-bra in the house).
I also wear fleece gloves and a fleece hat (which also holds in place my head phones connected to my phone for the running program). My hair, that nobody sees, is in two pig-tails with elastics off the street.

Wearing white shoes, bright blue trousers, bright green jacket and black gloves and hat with my red cheeks - I am a cheerful sight in the park. Not that anybody cares - everybody just try to run a little bit, move a little more and live slightly better, possibly longer.

I use the free NHS Couch to 5 K program, more information here. I add lights and reflexes if I go after dark. So far no injuries. I could pat myself on the back, but completion is not entirely due to willpower - the man usually comes with me to keep me running. If you keep up your movements without support, you are better than me.

I want another sports-bra, and possibly new running shoes by the summer, but nothing is really needed until then. Free is good.

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