Sunday, 31 December 2017

Targets and goals for 2017

I set annual ambitions, or targets, for each new calendar year within the categories of money, work, studies, health, family, friends and lifestyle.

The financial target for 2017 was actually reached already in March when the stock-markets boomed. It was quantified as the value of all my assets and have remained over that level since then. I increased the target but the value of my assets never reached that high. I am however still very happy that with the resent drop in value, my assets are still above the target for 2017. This target is check. For next year I will re-use the second target of 2017.

The health target had several parts to it. The weight target is check and double check. Heart is what the heart is but with three months of partial sick-leave, that target is a complete fail. The target for next year is set at staying alive and handling the symptoms. With my dark sense of humour, that is a reasonable target if I say so. The physical and mental training is going well, although knee and calf need rest before the part of physical training that is running resumes. For the year the physical targets have increased through the year and is achieved beyond all imagination and beyond all ambitions. The food has changed into vegetables with the ambition of twice weekly fish and once monthly meat and the target is check. Sleep, teeth, eyes, sex and other health targets are all good.

The family target is a fail with death, quarrels and time running out for any possible re-connections. However, a new family member will be born soon (preferably now according to his mother to be). The result is what it could be, sad but accepted. The door will be open and guarded also next year.

The friends target needs to be better quantified and tracked in order to assess its completion. For next year I will add a target to increase the amount of acquaintances and decrease the number of FB connections, preferably to zero. The established target of being in touch with everybody on my friends list at least once during the year will be kept.

The study target has gone well and is a check (which was not at all certain). For next year the target will be to finish the thesis and graduate MA. Right now the progress is not looking good at all.
The language target also will need to be better quantified, but I have been reading in French, Dutch and German during the year so as the target was formulated, it is a check. The four other languages are used for work and are a resounding check. For next year I want set a specific target for Dutch, I speak surprisingly well when enthusiastic and without way out and with some effort and work, that could actually become something.

The pleasure target was not developed much beyond the extensive stay in Lisbon during Februray-March and the visits to Paris - but with two bicycle camping trips in the summer not even the health issues (mine as well as other family members) there has been plenty of pleasure. The plans for events during 2018 need to step way up quickly as currently only our anniversary trip is planned (and not even booked).

2017 was not a great year but it did contain great things and continued to provide a stable basis for progression into 2018 and some targets will be kept for next year and continued attention and ambition.
Which categories do you have for your 2018 targets?


  1. What a fascinating way you have of looking at life. I loathe targets, I am a terrible shot at the best if times!

    1. It all does sound a bit anal I admit, but I like knowing where I want to go and what I find important. I do move along with the targets, almost regardless how the targets are formulated.