Tuesday, 2 January 2018

CD 2018

I gave away and sold most of my CDs in 2013 when I cleared-out and sold my house.

I copied most of the content but not all onto a hard-drive.

I only kept the irreplaceable or emotional music on physical discs.

At the time, it was an easy task to go through. The process had very little emotional strain as most of the CDs had then be in storage for more than five years and very few had been missed. Even fewer were kept after two unemotional go-throughs with a week of rest in between - as well as two visits to "buying CD's" shops.

Today I counted 30 physical CDs. When I looked through them, three turned out to be language CDs and could be moved to the language book shelf with its accompanying study books and one, well one was a bit of a surprise.

I own Tom Lehrer, no surprise for anybody who have heard me sing at parties.
I own Herbert Grönemeyer, Krash (Krash-macher) and several bands from my formative years.
And Manu Chao Próxima Estación: Esperanza.
I also own a double album with live recordings from Woodstock.
I have kept CDs from several amateur musical theatre productions I have attended.
I kept, and I am so happy I did, Michelle Shocked Short Sharp Shocked as it is (almost) unobtainable now - even if I can play the album almost in its entirety in my head any day of the week.

It also turned out that I owned not one but two of Robbie Williams swing-blues record Swing when you're winning. I mean I do love it, but twice, why would I have bought it twice?
Isn't there something extra stupid about owning doubles? Possessions moves in mysterious ways. I placed one copy resolutely in the box for "on the way out, possibly as presents".

After looking through them all, I own 26 CDs with music, comedy and theatre.

My aim is to listen through all CDs all this year.

I also aim to ensure that the music hard-drive is still operational and accessible. I have not listened to any of this music in at least three years but I do not want to loose it all just because I am inattentive and careless. With access to digital music being limited (and to ensure artists rights, rightly so), I may have to depend on my own bought, saved and safely stored music in the future.

Remind me if I don't report back on this aim within the year.
How many CDs do you have? Have you counted them recently? 
And albums? And cassettes?


  1. Michelle Shocked, there's an album I'd forgotten about but the memories flood back! We did have a copy of it but I suspect the other party to the we of the time got it.

    1. You really should try to find it and listen to: ".. and the reply came from Anchorage", "this fire started with a match", or "while under arrest, in the presence of eleven white transit cops, Michael Stewart was strangled to death" - just from off the top of my head.

  2. Oh gawd, I have literally hundreds of CDs, plus a couple of hundred cassettes and maybe a dozen LPs from when I got rid of my record collection 25 years ago. And a dozen more irreplaceable 45's. One of my "to do" tasks before Spring (now that I'm retired and have time) is to go through and ruthlessly cull them. The LPs and 45's will probably stay, but I'm hoping to ditch all the cassettes. Even culling the CDs will still leave me with a couple of hundred, at least. Maybe more.

    1. Oh gawd indeed, you can do it! Cull what you instantaneously know you don't like or don't care about in a first round and then do it again a few weeks later.

  3. I like the Michelle Shocked album too. I have kept all my CDs (hundreds). I'm afraid someday they will be unavailable online. Right now, I can listen to most of them through my paid streaming subscription. But some are not available through the service, so I can only listen to them at home. Realistically, it might be less than 5%, though! Not sure if I am willing for them to be lost forever when I am old.

    1. I understand that feeling. Stuffing everything in the attic while renting out my house and living in a suitcase for years, however quickly showed what I missed.

  4. Happy New Year! I have a storage bin with some of my favourite CD's. I have every album by The Verve and will never part with those. I may even have a Robbie Williams CD in there. I should really check. I'd guess I have about 30. I will see how off I am!

    1. Good luck with the task, let us know how many there turned out to be (and that you kept once you had a look at them).

    2. I kept 28, got rid of 8. Now to sort through the DVD's.