Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Free things

After several days on the road and long days on site and many many days with fourteen hour workdays, I come home and empty my bags before next tour next week.

From among the safety gear and the dirty socks, falls packages of instant coffee, tea bags and sugar cubes, mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion, pens, wrapped biscuits, hard candies in paper and even mint chocolates, magazines, hankies and toothpicks. Travelling in rich countries is to wade through free stuff, gifts and availables. I take it all, say please and thank you and could I have another one if you wouldn't mind. Is there also one for my friend?

I take what they will give me and I will save on tooth picks, hankies, magazines, mint chocolates, biscuits, pens, sugar, tea and coffee as well as any an all things left over from what I have bought in the cheapest supermarket to eat on the road to avoid airport cafes and the train dining car. I will happily snack on a sugar cube if I can wait for my dinner until the cost drops.

I have no shame - except for stealing. Like Meatloaf, I will not do that.