Friday, 19 January 2018


I aim to be a good human being; a just, correct, long-term wide-scoped good person.
Not nice. I despise nice. Nice is for sissies. Nice is value based and determined by the situation and feelings. I do not aim for nice. Cows are nice and look where it got them.

I came in contact with a truly good person yesterday and I have a new role model.
A letter came in the post (yes, a letter came in the post).
A letter from a complete stranger informing me that she had been sent my airline tickets to her phone and that she could not find any other information about me than my post address.
(Hooray that all the work I have done to stay off the Internet with my private details has worked.)
She gave me her phone number and it is the same as mine - with two digits swapped.
Guess who the idiot is who swapped the phone number when ordering the ticket?
Oh yes, yours truly.

Instead of cancelling the tickets, taking the money, ordering more, using them or in any other way causing trouble,
and instead of doing nothing, leaving me to suffer perpetual from my own mistakes,
this wonderful person took the time, effort and postage to write me a letter to my postal address (it was on the ticket) informing me of the situation.

I am not sure I would have bothered - but this truly good person did. I really want to be bothered and taking the time to help others.
I have a new hero, a new role model, an entirely new level of ambition for my personal life.

I sent her a text message and thanked her profusely.
She immediately responded with a funny, kind and good message.
Now we are phone number relatives and it is fascinating.

Even more fascinating is that with different phone numbers, in different phone number series, this person lives less than 40 km away from my home in Scandinavia.


  1. A good person indeed! Loved these observations in your post: "Cows are nice and look where it got them" and "Now we are phone number relatives."

    1. Thanks, we can all do well to become better - me especially.

  2. What a lovely thing to do. We can all learn from it!