Monday, 22 January 2018


I have a lovely compact mirror. Besides my hand held mirror from Hungary, it is one of my favourite items. (Sorry about the potato picture.)

It was bought in Japan in 1997 or so and given to me by the people who started me on Japanese food all that time ago.

It has a regular mirror on one side of the inside and a magnifying mirror on the other.
The case is metal with a carved scene of a Japanese woman in traditional costume in a Zen garden.

One of the mirrors came loose and I glued it back in again. That worked fine. Unfortunately it seems the glue ate a little of the silver-oxide (or what ever mirrors are layered with these days) so there is a permanent spot in the magnifying mirror.
Note to self when gluing mirrors - only use as much glue as necessary (and if possible make pretty pattern just in case it goes through) or use tape.


  1. Replies
    1. Pretty and practical in the right combination.

  2. I know there are specific glues for mirrors, but it is too late now. Your compact is very pretty.

    1. Either way, that is very good to know for the future, thank you for educating!