Monday, 8 January 2018


The monthly tasks for 2018 will be the following:

January: Food
Go through all leftovers and remains in cupboards, storage, freezer, and fridge. Use everything dated by the previous year, look especially at spices.
February: Jewellery and valuables
I also do my annual financial net worth calculation, estimating my annual budget and determining if it needs to be increased in February in preparation for the annual tax declaration.
March: Clothes.
Go through all clothes in the wardrobe, try everything on, hang back if it fits. Pack all clothes that doesn’t fit in a “your time will come” box. Inventory everything left in the wardrobe. Hopefully something will be left - but then if not, I had nothing to wear anyway. I will keep a list of all clothes I buy this year.
April: Camping, sports, summer equipment
Most of us are outside more in the summer time than in winter and spring. Now is the time to go through everything. Air your sleeping bags, all of them. If you don’t want to air it – do you really want that sleeping bag?
May: Kitchen
Clean every cupboard in your kitchen. That means empty every shelf in every cupboard. Only put back into the cupboard what you have used during the year, that works, is clean (cleaned) and of good quality. Put all questionable items, nicked porcelain, more than twenty plastic containers to store food in and anything else you don’t understand in your “on the way out” box.
June: Winter clothes and bedding
Clean, wax, impregnate, air and hang back into the wardrobes all cold weather or winter clothing. Air all bedding, blankets, mattresses, covers, etc.
July: Bags
Find all bags in the house, include suitcases, rug sacks, reusable shopping bags and all handbags. Don’t forget your exclusive new year’s clutch and your grand mothers handbag.
Clean each one of them. Open all compartments, empty the content and brush the lining of each pocket. How many bags do you have? Note the number.
August: Electronics
Find all things in your house that needs electricity to operate (easily recognised as it has a cable or needs batteries).
Clean your hard drive. Do a back-up of all the content to USB, dics or cloud storage. Download all photos from your phone. Print special photos. At least send the most important documents in an email to yourself.
September: Shoes
Weather is forever changing and most should get to used in a year. All shoes should fit comfortably, heeled, cleaned, sorted and have functioning shoelaces.
October: Underwear and sleep wear
All underwear, including socks, lingerie and night wear. Count it, assess each one for wearability. Put the worst ones on top after each laundry and try to wear them first, to wear them out. If you keep them for "laundry days" you will end up with only bad underwear.
November: Books
It is time for sofa and tea, to go through the book-shelf, appreciate each book you keep (re-reading it is the ultimate test although slow) or use it for references. All other books - the advice is to sell or donate which I know I will not be able to keep. I will also not be able to hold a goal of not buying any more books, or even one-in one out. But I will at least count all my books and I will keep a list of all books bought and brought in this year.
December: Presents and decorations
What are you giving away as a present? Sort holiday decorations for all seasons, Xmas, Easter, Fall, Midsummer, birthday, new year.
Buy what you need for Christmas in December at the sales in January this year - that is now! Go buy Christmas decorations. Not tempted? I don't blame you, packing it up is a pain. 

I will also work on a longer Fucket-list for 2018 - including all the things I will not do this year.
(Thanks Klahanie commenting on She who seeks for the idea!)


  1. I look forward to your Fucket List! Just FYI, I am starting a sort and purge job tomorrow -- no, not my CDs (although they will eventually be done). I'm going to sort, purge and rearrange my home files, which have not been done for about 10 years now. I am overdue for a good purge.

    1. You are a brave, brave woman going at it, even as a first step, this soon. Good luck and it was nice knowing you... ;)

  2. Damn! You are so methodically organized! I don't think I have ever met anyone as motivated with the ability to follow through as you. I did go through some stuff the other day and managed a small purge. You are an inspiration.
    P.S. Are you going to be in Norway in May?

    1. Got it, flaunt it, but thanks if I’m any inspiration. Er det Moss eller Tromsø i mai?

    2. Jeg skal reise til Bergen,Trondheim, og Oslo. Moss er ikke så langt fra Oslo, er det? Jeg skal besøke mine fettere på disse stedene.

    3. Kansje en tur til Oslo kan ordnes.. :)