Thursday, 4 January 2018

Project Closet

We are working in the closet because we need space in the basement.

With three bicycles and hope of a fourth, the storage space in the basement needs to be reorganised.
A lot has already happened in the last years with the storage shelves actually used to store things in and at least two large boxes either emptied and trashed or emptied and filled with something else and placed on a shelf.

There were however four large boxes with left-over flooring in the basement. It has been there since three weeks after the man moved into this apartment over ten years ago and it was about to be thrown out.
Then somebody said - but don't we actually need new flooring in the walk-in closet?
The carpet in there is nasty and loose from the floor, with stains from cat puke and don't ask me what else, the walls have grey seventies wallpaper and a yellowing ceiling. It all got very obvious after the man put a new, proper ceiling light in there to ensure electrical safety. 

So Project Closet was born about two years ago.
There has been slow progression since then.
Emphasis on slow but never the less, steady progression although mostly mentally.

Was there enough flooring in the basement to cover the closet floor? After measuring, reading labels, calculating and at least two trips to the basement over a period of a few months the answer came back, yes, there was X m2 in the basement and the closet needed >X m2. We made a note an put it on the notice board close to a year ago. When the balcony furniture was to be put in the basement storage after the 2017 summer, we took the packages out of the basement to give us some more space, and we put the packages with floor boards in the hallway to act as a constant reminder to move the project along.

Did we have paint to paint ceiling and walls? Another few trips to the basement and digging into the remnants of project painting the kitchen it was clear that we did not. Reading paint information, looking for prices, calculating the ability to cycle out to the cheapest place to get the best and cheapest paint, and eventually a deal came up and off we went. We bought enough white wall paint to cover the two-three next projects too. It has been standing in the hallway the last two months, acting as a shoe rack and a constant reminder to move the project along.

Do we have the tools needed? One night after dinner with a glass of wine, this question surfaced again and instead of intellectualising the issue, we got up off our planning bums and gathered all remaining painting tools and equipment in a corner of the kitchen. Brushes, rollers, handlers, tape, plastic to cover, buckets, stirrers and a bunch of what-not's. It was all there, nothing was needed and now everything was in plain sight, ready to be used at no notice. It also acted as a reminder to move the project along.

Do we have a saw that can cut the floor boards? After a dig through all tools and stuff that should not have contained tools but did, a number of different saws (both electrical and hand powered) were collected for testing. Eventually a left over piece of floor board was added to the pile of saws and yet some weeks later, the test was carried out. Result: No saw that we own cuts finely, straight or strongly enough to cut floor boards. None of our neighbours would have anything suitable that we could borrow. A proper saw will have to be rented and a renting company for what will be the right kind of saw is to be found and also with a plan for how to transport it home and back and this is still in progress. First the room has to be painted in its entirety.

Do we have time to start it? Obviously the work has to be done while not working full time, or travelling or stressing over anything else for a few days or weeks. The man has been in large projects all fall which kept being extended and expanded. While the money was rolling in, only the mental preparatory work was being done. No date was set for when the actual work was to be done but the planning became more and more detailed.

What do we do with everything in the closet while working in there? Now this is not really my problem since I only have coats, dresses, shoes, tent and a big bag with curtains in there. The man has everything he owns in there, including most of his clothes. We do however have a foldable airing rack for hanging clothes stuck away in a corner that I've had for years and kept (and moved two countries over) just in case I didn't get enough closet space when I moved in here. It was brought out, opened, tested and placed in a corner of the living room in the beginning of December to be ready for when the man got time and inspiration to actually start working in the closet and needed to empty it.

It happened yesterday.
Now the living room is filled with hanging clothes, boxes of camping gear and clothes and stuff everywhere. The old carpet is outside in a bag waiting to be picked up by the city large waste collection and the man is happily whistling while working in the closet.
I supply the feminine touch with cheerful cheering on.
It is the closet for his stuff after all.


  1. "Slow but steady wins the race" and now the Big Day is here! Congrats!

    1. The project is now in the beginning of the middle phase, not the beginning of the end, and there will be a lot of work...

  2. This is how long it would take me. Three years to think about it and getting determined to actually go through with it. One weekend to clean it out, one weekend to do the work (I have tools), and one weekend to reorganize and put everything back. It's the years of anticipation and planning that eat up time for me. We all work at a different pace.

    1. Like minds work alike. Thinking is an important part of all projects, even if it is subconscious thinking!