Friday, 5 January 2018


In the planning leading up to project Closet, all saws in the house were tested and found lacking.

None of them cut finely or straight enough to cut the laminate floor boards we wanted to use up and put into the walk in closet. The plan was to rent a proper, professional saw for a day to do the job.

Then the man thought again. Could it possibly be that the electrical stick-saw was useless because the blade was bad? Or was the blade possibly not attached appropriately? Or could it be the wrong blade for the job? I said.
The saw was brought up from the basement again, inspected, blade taken out, put back in, found wobbly and dull but when tested again - cut perfectly.
Great relief.

Together and joining our heads through communication, we again proved that we are better together than apart. (Any sociologist attached to Durkheim could have told us that.)
Very proud of ourselves we cycled away to buy a new blade and under floor foam for isolation (heat, damp and noise) while thinking of all the things we could cut now when we have a functioning saw.
Floor boards not only for the cupboard, but also for the bedroom and the office (potential upcoming projects), the curtain rod, table legs, balcony bench - endless options.

Knowing what we have, that it works and how it works was well spent ten minutes of actually digging the thing out and checking it out again.
This time we got lucky - one saw was better than we thought.
Most of the time stuff ends up being worse (but then at least we don't have to pay rent for it).
That also means that all the other saws are on their way out.


  1. Nice when things like that happen! I always feel so proud when I get something to work...especially if I don't have to ask my man to help haha.

    1. And in this case - without him having to ask me...