Thursday, 18 January 2018


In 1992 I was a night owl together with my next door neighbour.
One night she showed me the new wallet she had just bought. Brown leather with the perfect set-up inside. It was beautiful. The leather was soft. The interior was exactly what I needed.
I wanted it. Badly.
The following day, actually probably same day in the afternoon, we set out to buy me an identical.

The shop had only ever had one and it was the one they had sold her.
I looked at her with puppy eyes but no budge. The wallet was hers. She was keeping it. 

Three months later, she did not use it any longer.
I got it.
I have used it every day since then.

Tonight I spent well over an hour in my hotel room with a sewing needle and regular sewing thread in an almost matching colour, resewing the edging that had come loose.
I looked the brand up on-line for the first time and it is nothing special, nothing exclusive.
Similar but not identical, can still be bought for €10-20.

I don't care. I already have the wallet I want and want no other.
I was going to say that I do not need another but that is not true.

I do have a second wallet. The two wallets have different jobs and content.
The brown leather wallet does not fit all euro-bills so it is only used for Scandi-money and cards.
When commuting between the countries, I switch wallets at the border.
In the Euro-zone, I use a slightly larger brown leather wallet covered in its original but very worn goat hairs. I bought it on a flea market for €2 five years ago. I commonly refer to it as the goat.
The goat keeps my Euro safe.


  1. I have a black wallet that I've always used in the back pocket of my jeans when I don't want to carry a purse. But one of the downsides of now wearing old-lady stretchy-waist comfortable jeans is . . . no more back pocket! NOOOOOOO!

    1. Noooo - and alternative is a handbag in a sling around your neck... (snicker)

  2. I love that! I have a wallet I bought to go to the UK as their paper money is so much bigger than ours, and I hope to get to use it again. My daily wallet is a brick with lots of spaces for cards as here that is what we do here, all cards cards cards. It's orange and I love it and I hope it survives another ten years.

    1. You have a zero budget for wallets for the next ten years especially if you mend any little damages quickly to decrease deterioration.