Friday, 12 January 2018

Work part 237

Dear Diary,
Today when I walked into the office, full of pro-active ideas to solve the latest administrative crisis and malfunction, I immediately got into a bad argument with my manager. I walked out of the discussion within a minute with words that this did not go well and we'll talk about it later-something.
Sitting down starting my computer, I wondered why I was there on my day off (!) to work for the clients when the company who get the money, do not treat me better.
Calmly but tear-y, I packed up my papers. I was asked in the door to stay and talk about it but left. The manager called and texted. I called back later and we talked. He apologised for his words and he is forgiven.
The reason for the argument is his frustration which is the same reason as my frustration.
The eminent need for administrative changes.

I can suggest solutions but I am not in a position to implement them, nor am I in a position where that sort of process management is in any way a part of my job description.
I am a specialist, highly qualified, autonomous and irreplaceable within current budget and operations. The problem is administrative, low-level, generic and replaceable. It is caused by the new owners of the owners of the company I am employed by.
Their work is impeding my job and I end up not only doing their job, but also verifying, and re-verifying that the result is correct. I resent it but their company culture is without personal responsibility and lacking result ambitions so that is moot.

My Financial Independence assets that with the current low frugal budget will last me over 35 years, and a pension (equally frugal) that will start paying out in 15 years, is by each week becoming much more important.
Changing jobs is difficult as I also need to change countries - but then, hey, changing countries isn't the problem. I've done that before, several times even.

So why do I not just jump the ship and jump the border?
Am I again staying too long in a bad relationship?
Let's talk about this again tomorrow, dear diary, after I have talked to all my friends and family.


  1. It never hurts to at least look around and see what else might be available in your field of employment. But ideally, try to have the new job before you quit the old (good advice that never seemed to work out in my own career, lol).

    1. Good advice, good advice, please keep repeating it.

  2. My guess is that somewhere else would love to have you.