Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Airport games

Airports and hotels quickly lose their charm when travelling is no longer an exciting part of life but rather a mundane or difficult lifestyle.

There are ways to make stays at airports better.
- Go for a walk.
Travelling is not good for training. One way to get some physical exercise into the travel day is to go for a walk through the airport or the terminal. Kastrup, Copenhagen, Gardemoen, Oslo, Helsinki Vantaa airport, even Schiphol in Amsterdam are excellent for a long walk after check in and security. You can easily get several kilometres of walking done before having to get onto the next cramped flight.  Stockholm Arlanda Terminal 5 for international flights is dreadfully small and cramped. I actually try to go through security as late as possible here. The three domestic terminals all provide ample walking space.

- Eat all samples aka Find a treasure
Some airports have food samples available. Sometimes they are difficult to find. They are always there in Copenhagen and in Amsterdam. They just have to be found. Go look for any free-be handed out. Cheese, cake, tea, herring, chocolate. Go for a treasure hunt. A leaflet will count as a find if nothing else is available.

- Buy and pack an imaginary suitcase (game unsuitable for shopoholics!)
Imagine that you luggage is lost and you are required to buy a new outfit and bag of toiletries at the airport before you leave. This is fun and frustrating in equal measures for me. Very little fits my body and very little is in my style or colouring. You may find it easier to buy sexy lingerie than regular underwear. Brand name deodorant sprays than an efficient deodorant. Toothbrush? Difficult. Jeans? Forget it. Personally, I might end up in shorts and a t-shirt.

- Find ten things to smile about - or to
Look around, notice your surroundings and focus hard on finding nice things. Anything that can make you smile. Anybody you can smile to. A bright yellow colour. A sleeping baby. A ray of sunshine through a window. A flower in a vase. Somebody looking happy. Anybody behaving kindly to a stranger. Smile for yourself and for others. Hold a door for somebody and feel nice about yourself.
Keep it up until you clock ten things that you have smiled about.


  1. Or, find that one person at the airport who is a SPY.

  2. I tend to walk a lot when waiting for flights. I had to make a connection to Stavanger at Schiphol and had to move fast. That was a big airport! They did leave my luggage behind, but they delivered it in Bergen about six hours after I got there. I thought that was pretty impressive. I don't get to travel enough so that it is boring at all.

    1. Schiphol and Kastrup are my favourites, and checked-in luggage is a pain. Bergen airport is so small there is barely a Kvikk-lunsj for sale.