Thursday, 1 February 2018


Puhu -
the stock markets recovered just in the last minute. One of my investments currently stand on at a loss but it is a tiny part of the total assets and I will be fine by the time this investment need to be realised.

Currently I own 36,05 annual budgets - I call that my financial independence number. I count all my assets on the first of every month through. This FI-number means that I can live on my current frugal budget for 36 years hoping that price increases will be compensated by interests, dividends and value increases (that is a hope, nothing is certain).

I own almost nothing beside these assets. I have no car. I have no art, jewellery or watches worth much. My tiny apartment is worth a few annual budgets but nothing more. This value is not included as I always will need somewhere to live. I also do not include retirement funds or pension plans that I cannot control until the day I retire. That will pay out nothing for another 17 years so everything and anything can happen with those assets until then.

I am grateful that I have paid off all debt and for everything I have managed to save since then and have been able keep holding on to through conservative, long-term investments. I keep an eye on it but take as little risk as possible.
I use these assets to feel secure in my otherwise odd life and hopefully to dare to live a life that is filled with knowledge and experiences rather than possessions and worry.

The focus for 2018 is still on health, weight and head. Mental training, physical activities and many intellectual stimulants. And cheese.

Today I took a day off and because Amsterdam currently has the least amount of tourists, we went to the van Gogh museum. I got yelled at because I took a photo (forty big posters that photography was not allowed and I still forgot - dingbat I am, I am.).
But look...
Copyright: van Gogh museum, Amsterdam
Vincent van Gogh painted (copied) Hiroshige too! I knew but I didn't know they were on display.
Pleasant surprise! ("NO PHOTO!)

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  1. Thanks for breaking the museum's rules to bring us that photo! Very cool!