Sunday, 25 February 2018


When I said that decluttering was easy- just don't buy anything and keep breaking stuff - I didn't mean the fridge!!

A few months ago we started being annoyed that the fridge door didn't close properly. It was diagnosed as one of us could not close the door properly. The identity varied.

We started kicking the door shut, slamming it, tapping it twice to be obvious.
"At least I can close the frigg... the fridging door".

A few weeks ago we figured out that there were a problem with the hinge on the door.
The bottom one was weak so the door sagged and could not close properly.

The door was from then on closed by lifting it carefully and then closing it.
It worked fine.
No problem at all.
Maybe we wouldn't need to buy a new fridge.

But maybe we did.
Weeks went by and we did nothing about it.
It worked fine, no problems. The fridge wasn't even very old. Only eleven - oh really, you bought it then?, so - twenty three years old.

Looking more carefully on the hinge, I realised it was not the hinge that was the problem.
It was the bottom of the door that was deteriorating and the hinge had nothing to hold on to.

Maybe we did need a new fridge. Energy efficiency alone said we needed a new fridge.
Looking into the market, we realised that we wanted exactly what we had (size and volume) and that nobody sold anything that small any more. Maybe we only needed a new door? Or even just a spare part. Where there spare parts to our fridge?
Searching further into the depth of the manufacturer of the current fridge (to be exact freezer-fridge) there were spare parts.
I like spare parts.
Diving into the lists, diagrams and identification numbers displayed on three national spare part providers web sites, I enjoyed myself immensely for two hours.
I resurfaced and realised, the piece broken was not offered as a spare part.

Still in pyjama, the tool boxes came out (both his and hers), the battery operated drill was charged up and the fridge door and the hinge came off. Several modifications later, added a quite large spacer disc picked up off the street some time (I like shiny things), the hinge came back on and the door was reattached.
Closed perfectly.

It only took three days for us to stop lifting the door when closing it.
We are still buying a new fridge but with a little bit of handy magic, we are now not in a hurry.
But I doubt the fix will for very last long.
We need to look into freezer-fridges of the smaller kind. My favourite thing to do. (irony)

I added a new fridge-freezer to our wish-list (and try to forget about it hoping the man will do it).


  1. Sounds like you need to find an "apartment sized" fridge/freezer, not a "house sized" one. Happy hunting!

    1. An Amsterdam apartment sized fridge, with A++++ energy efficiency and a full range of spare parts; yes please!

  2. With the internet and YouTube appliance repair isn't frightening anymore. When the time finally comes to replace much of the cost can be justified by the savings in energy. You have at least bought yourself some time to decide. Well done!