Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Jewellery 2018

A few years back, I gathered all jewellery in my jewellery box. (I kept on gathering until I didn't unexpectedly found any more anywhere.) The box is made by my father, has a simple lock and I painted it white some thirty-five years ago. It is just a box, not really intended for jewellery, but I have squeezed a tray from another box into it to make two levels and to hold everything. The box is almost full.
All of it is dress jewellery and very non-precious stones and materials. What now doesn't fit, will now not be kept. The items with value are kept in a fire-proof safety box.
The monthly task for February was to go through it all and wear as much of it as possible to make sure that I still like or care for everything I hold.

In the box are - all costume jewellery and without monetary value:
Two watches.
Three long necklaces.
Four brooches.
An old soap box with frivolity ear rings, mostly eighties style (including gigantic rhinestone earrings for my diva days, gigantic black rings for playing Sandy in Grease, gigantic flies in soft plastic for Midsummer parties).
Box of pendants; memorable and rarely worn but put on cheap chains to spruce up boring suits.
Six pairs of normal earrings.
Six different sorts of short necklaces and three thin chains with small pendants.
Five bracelets.

Wearing jewellery in February every year brightens up the dark month in northern Europe and keeps me from needing any more.
I have worn everything this last month.
Except the brooches.
There is just something about brooches that is not my thing right now. On the hat, on a scarf, on a collar, on a shoulder - it is always is in the way and snags everything. There was no day in the entire month when I felt comfortable wearing any of my mother's brooches or the brooch a boy gave me when I was six. (It is a spider so I am keeping it.) If anybody has any advice on brooch wearing, I'll be happy to hear it!

I also have a fire-safety box with items of any value (monetary or mental, not just jewellery). I have worn the gold (plated) watch although it does not work, my grand-mother's old silver bracelet, my mother's gold-pearl necklace and the gold necklace one of my first boyfriends gave me. Most of the rest jewellery is scraps and crammed up to be sold one day of need.

The reason I wear my decorative items regularly is to stop me from looking at or buy or make any more. I even went to the diamond polishing factory the other day without being even slightly interesting in any jewellery. (The machinery on the other hand - marvellous!)

The only thing not in the boxes is the ring and the watch I wear everyday. The watch shows date and day and time and the ring has no meaning except that the man has an identical one.

I have no wishes or needs for any more jewellery.


  1. That's one of the sort-and-purge jobs awaiting me -- clearing out old jewelry. I'm not a big jewelry wearer, actually, although I do have pierced ears so I have a number (perhaps even a great number) of earrings, 99% of which I don't wear at the moment.

    1. Sounds like you could easily do a first step by placing what you wear in a different box to separate it from what you don't wear (it will make the culling part easier).

  2. Another thing I need to purge, I have so much costume jewelry and I find I do not wear much of it, except long necklaces and earrings.

    1. You can do it. Perhaps start an new jewellery box with just the things you do wear?