Friday, 2 February 2018

Jewellery and valuables - February 2018

The monthly task for February 2018 is to go through jewellery and valuables.
"I also do my annual financial net worth calculation, estimating my annual budget and determining if it needs to be increased in February in preparation for the annual tax declaration."

My ambition for February 2018 is to try to use and wear all jewellery and other personal decorative items in February. It is such a drab month in the northern hemisphere and needs all cheering and colour that can be invented.
If I don't want to wear it, I should put the thing aside - either to be on its way out (gifted, donated or chucked) or to be put in the memo-box. Unused, unloved items really should not clutter up my jewellery box.

Years ago I gathered all jewellery and other personal items in a wooden box with a lock my father made for me when I was six. The more valuable items (in either monetary or emotional terms) that I don't use got locked up in a separate box, more to not get lost than to be kept safe.
If you are looking into handling jewellery this month, this is a first and occasionally difficult step to be repeated over and over again until you find a solution that suits your life and surroundings.

February is also a month after the end of the year, and most annual summaries should have arrived from all service providers and bookkeepers. Looking through it all now will make me prepared and make me prepare for the annual tax declaration (for me in March and May).
This is really really really boring and contrary to any and all of my natural talents and interests.
I am however very very interested in being independent and in charge of my own life so I force my self every year through the entire process. I have forced myself through this process since the beginning of the 1990s and it does not become fun, but with every decade, it does become slightly easier as I slowly learn to do it and understand what I do.
(And paying off debt and consolidating assets makes it all simpler.)

I will be rattling cheerful jewellery through February.
I even wore earrings yesterday for the first time since February last year. 
It's been a good year when earrings are not needed.


  1. That's something I really need to do too. There will be some serious culling going on when I finally get around to it.

    1. Prepare by gathering everything in one place when you come across it until you are ready for the task - this year or next.