Monday, 19 February 2018

Mirrors - 3

Beyond my favourite hand held mirror from Hungary in 1989 and the little compact mirror from Japan in the early 1990s, I have few other mirrors.
There might be a mirror on the inside of a powder compact, but since that belongs to make-up packed down into the medical first-aid kit (when else does one need make-up?), it is never used as a mirror.

I have however a sliver of a mirror. It comes camping to use when to put lenses in in the wild. It is only two x five centimetres and is probably rescued from a lipstick case (that is what it looks like, but I have NO memory of ever owning a lipstick case, possibly why I do not use lipstick, but I equally have no memory of where this little mirror actually does come from).
Any way, it is mine, it has a purpose. It is not pretty but it is light weight and inexpensive and if it breaks in my backpack, I will not be unhappy.

The house also has a long mirror on the inside of a wardrobe door, a mirror in the shower room and one on the side of a kitchen cupboard (because that is where we keep our lenses and get dressed for going out (hat, scarf and collar adjustments with the last minute "Hey, you look good" pep-talk.))
We have a separate toilet room and that has no mirror.

That is is. There are no more mirrors in the house. Conclusion: do not need any mirrors.

(I wrote that and then it hit me. "No, not right now you don't. But the shower room mirror has been struck by the mirror plague and is becoming fashionably distressed! How long are you going to like that?" I might be going on a mirror hunt within the year. Best put a new mirror on the wish list.)

How many mirrors do you have in your house?


  1. Interesting! I've never counted them before. Let's see . . . 3 hand-held mirrors (1 large, 1 small, 1 that is 10x magnifier), the bathroom mirror, and the mirrored back of a display cabinet in the living room. So five all together!

    1. A very non-narcissistic number of mirrors for one person I would say.

  2. One on both bedroom dressers and one each in both bathrooms. You'd have to ask the ladies about any others.