Saturday, 3 February 2018

Project Closet Closed

We have finally closed Project Closet.

The final act was to sell the left over floor boards. The buyer came and picked it up today.
The man got a little bit of money.
The buyer got boards enough for a smaller project than ours. We got to close ours.
we got lots of space in the basement.
The man got a new floor in his walk-in closet. Lots of new space available both in the closet and in the basement. He also cleared out the content of everything in the closet, went through everything and placed each thing where it ought to be, threw some and packed everything left into logical piles.
At the same time the floor boards are out of the basement, the remaining items also cleared and re-stacked, leaving lots of remaining space. Not yet enough space for a fourth bicycle though.

The cost for the project was the cost for the white wall paint (25 litres, €25 on sale). There is a lot of left over paint on purpose and this will used for the other rooms that also need repainting.

Everything else was already available in the house. Even the skirting boards was already standing in the basement. EDIT: It was however not quite enough and had to be complemented with some additional strips for €7. The man also bought new saw blades for €10 that will also be used for other projects.
The other costs were already covered by previous projects and except the skirting boards, the money spent on this project will also be shared with future projects.
This enables us to carry out those projects with less financial strain.

This is how several tasks often can be carried out as zero cost projects.
Do what you already have the resources for. 

For the first time in months we have an apartment where there is nothing stored in the hallway or the living room. Nothing is annoying us and reminding us to get something done.
Everything (most thing) are in their place and
It is very relaxing.
Tomorrow there will be a project to clean, vacuum and mopping all floors.

This relaxation also opens up for the next project possibilities - thinking - planning - preparing.


  1. Congrats on a job well done and finished!

  2. What will you do with all that spare time? Hire yourselves out to do projects for others?

    1. Sure, why not, in a way I have professional qualifications for it - and Swedish death cleaning is becoming a concept so if anybody needs an organiser...