Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Know what you have.
Control begins with a list.

And oh man, did I get water on my watermill the other day (meaning I was proven right with something I have been saying a long time).

I needed an inlay sole for one of my running sports shoes the other day. I knew I had saved some from old shoes. However they would all be perfectly good pairs and I only needed about a quarter of a sole. Unnecessary to cut up something that could be used for something better. They also would not be the right kind. I was eyeing the soles I had put in my indoor slippers in December.

The man said he had come across a pair of spare soles in the basement when he was digging through some of his boxes when clearing during Project Closet. Did I want them? Depending what they looked like, sure.
They turned out to be the kind I also already have and don't want. 
However, I opened the package saying "3 pairs" and found one.
Oh no, not one pair.
One sole.
But still only one.

For years (years and years, more than ten) the man had known that he had spare inlay soles.
Which is good to know. Except he didn't.
He had only one.
The first step of inventory is to know that you have something.

I still needed soles so I promptly cut a quarter out of the inlay soles in my slippers to tape down into my running shoes.
(It worked perfectly and no more protests from the knee.)

I have three inlay soles in my wardrobe, stored together with my extra shoelaces, shoe polish and rags in the same place I keep my shoes.
One is a new pair of leather imitation soles (with a third spare left sole the man graciously donated One pair was previously used in my rain boots (now dead).
Another pair are the brand name insoles originally in my brand name hiking boots from twenty years ago (now dead).
I realise I have drastically changed the amount of shoes from 2016 until today.

(There will be a follow up.)


  1. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet lose his sole?