Sunday, 18 February 2018

Tiles 2018

The annual tile scrubbing has been performed.

We have tiles in the shower room, the toilet and in the kitchen.
Yes, yes, we clean the tiles regularly as a part of the normal cleaning of these rooms. That means they are clean, but not scrubbed.

Now they are scrubbed, de-calcified, the white grouts scrubbed and all edges cleaned thoroughly. Nothing fancy used, just washing liquid and vinegar.
And a scrubber.
With a lot of elbow work of course - also with my left hand.
At the same time the floors got washed, not just mopped. It is a very pleasant result.

This of course has been carried out in the commercial breaks, during the meaningless interviews and the waiting times of the Winter Olympics. The man and I have lots to watch as our two countries does not perform in any of the same sports. But we do on the other hand have six different national TV channels and three other national radio channels to keep track of the different sports (sometimes simultaneously in different languages) so it is nice with a little cleaning break every now and then.

The work is contemplative and peaceful. Not difficult and while it still requires attention, the brain is left to wander in the subconscious. Unconsciousness gives relief from time and space, from cognitive boundaries and mental demands. The ghosts, the forgotten, the avoided pops up for attention.
I find cleaning a very therapeutic, meditative, Zen-like activity when I get into the ... the zone, the groove, the mood...?
The visible result is even better.


  1. Very productive use of your time, I must say.

    1. And for the following week, the dusting will commence!

  2. There is a bit of satisfaction after doing a good job. Deep cleaning happens sporadically, but usually in the spring.