Saturday, 31 March 2018

Clothes - March 2018

The results from the March monthly task are in.
I still have too much clothes.

You would think that not buying clothes, or at least very limited for years, would reduce the amount of clothes in the wardrobe. (Well, it has but there is still much more than I currently need.)
You would also think that loosing weight and packing up all clothes that are too big into a fat-bag would reduce the amount of clothes in the wardrobe. (Well, it did but I will continue to wear clothes that at least stay on the body (and not showing too much of its content). Only the completely too big clothes have been packed up.)

It did however help having to empty the wardrobe during Project Bedroom, cramming everything into the man's wardrobe, into a book case and onto the dining room table for two weeks. Having all clothes in my face left nothing unnoticed. The loved but not worn pieces of clothing became very obvious. (I am still looking at you, beloved brown suede jacket that I do not like to wear.)

Going through everything, using as much as possible (no laundry for weeks) and trying on almost everything before returning it into the old wardrobe in the renovated bedroom has left the following list:

- Sweaters (thin, thick, cardigans, fleece and hoodies): 19
- Pyjama (long, top and bottom): 9 + robe
- Sport bottoms: 3
- Trousers (summer, winter, jeans, hiking, office): 17
- Shorts, skorts and skirts: 6
- Dresses: 2 (+ red Paris trash find dress still waiting to be finally fitted). So 3.
- T-shirts (long-, short-sleeved, cotton and functional fabrics, inc. football, music and events): 38
- Tank tops: 12
- Skirts (including blouses): 17
- Jackets (office, winter, spring, summer, rain, and skiing): 16 (one less than in 2017 as the green jacket has been given to a friend who looks marvellous in it!)
- Plus socks, stockings and underwear of various types.
That's it.
-And shoes.
That is it.

The most shocking number is 67. 38 + 12 + 17.
I have 67 pieces of clothing to wear on my upper body, not including sweaters.
Sure, it ranges from the most revealing tank top via proper office wear to printed band t-shirts.
But nobody needs 67 tops, even if they are in 67 different styles.

The only need indicated is a pair of pyjama bottoms sometime before next cold period.
And possibly cycling shorts with padding.
And maybe maybe a pair of jeans that actually are long enough while fitting well.
The rest is covered by an even more extended buy-ban for clothes.


  1. Sounds like you won't need to buy any new clothes for a long time.

    1. Need not, should not, will not, wont not, hope not.