Friday, 23 March 2018

Free bed

The primary reason why we started thinking of Project Bedroom was that we needed a new mattress. The one bought when we first met (always start a new relationship with a new mattress) has been falling to pieces. Crap quality, we thought.

Then somebody came up with the idea to call the manufacturer to complain.
The mattress was after all only eight years old.

The manufacturer is our new favourite provider of household goods.
They have come up trumps!
We get a new bed!
(Equivalent in price to the amount of money paid back in 2010. Conditions apply.)
If what we choose is cheaper, we get the rest of the money to use for something else in their emporium.

All we have to do is to cycle out to their large storage shop outside town and go through all the options. Thankfully there are lots of options and designs any Scandi like me will appreciate (in restricted dosage).

Thank you IKEA, we didn't think it was possible.
Truly above and beyond customer service.
Worthy of a mention by name you are!


  1. Replies
    1. I love when a manufacturer takes responsibility for the products they put on the market for profit, during the entire lifetime of the product.