Saturday, 3 March 2018

March 2018 - Clothes

The aim is to go through all clothes I own, use as much as possible, at least try the rest on for fit and only only put back the items that actually fits.
The clothes that don't fit because they are to big or too small will go into bags for "fat-clothes" or "slim-clothes". (These are not nice names, but I am not nice and you all know what I mean. We all have them.) The goal is that at the end of the month I will have no clothes in the wardrobe that currently does not fit.
Hopefully something will be left - but then, if not, I had nothing to wear anyway. 
The clothes that fit are to be used. If they are not used, if I do not want to use them even though they fit, they must go too. Clothes that make me unhappy by style, texture, cut, shape, form or level of derogation, really must be taken out too. I have an "on the way out" box that I, when I feel creative, dig into for re-fitting, sewing, deconstruction projects. That is not part of the task for this month. 
Nor is it to keep any certain amounts of clothes or to donate it. 

Three groups of clothing: 1) Fitting - goes in the wardrobe.
2) Not fitting but usable - goes in the fat or thin bag.
3) Not liking for any reason at all - goes into the "on the way out box".

Hanging clothes will have the hangers turned backwards after use so that I know where I am in the "go-through". Folded clothes will go back to the bottom of the pile after use. If taken out and not used, it will not be back at all if I obviously do not like it. (It can be taken out of the "on the way out" box at any time if it was a too hasty decision but usually it stays.)

This year I have nothing left in storage (clothes that are just doubles and put aside until the the other is worn out or clothes that there is nothing wrong with, nice, fitting, good quality but for occasions currently not happening - for me my office lady clothes and shoes). Everything is in active use - I think. I have no major events coming up that I expect to have to buy clothes for. The dresses and fancy clothes are ready for party at a moments notice. I do not expect that I need to buy anything.

(I am not a minimalist, I am a frugalist. The aim is not to have as little as possible, the aim is to get the most and best use out of the things I own and have spent money on.)

I promised to keep a list of all clothes I buy this year, and I will continue that. The list for last year was very revealing.
So far I have bought five pair of sports socks (€4) and a pair of black jeans in a second hand shop (4€), perfect fit and form but unfortunately slightly too short. I will be used as long as I wear high winter boots (as nobody can see it).


  1. I have a few t-shirts and blouses that I need to give to the thrift store too. Just got to get around to it!

    1. Is it done yet? At least packed up and waiting by the door? Good going!