Tuesday, 27 March 2018

New bed

We have picked out the new free bed.
We add two fancy dinners worth of money on top of the amount paid back to us for the broken mattress and we will buy a new bed frame too.
Unfortunately it will have to be a standard 2,00 meter length but at least it will fit.

It will be delivered in a week.
A week!!!!!!!!!!

We need to put new floors in, take everything out, paint the walls, scrub the radiator and the endless piping and - and -

Hyper active mode is activated.
Project plan is in motion.
The man has a week between projects. He'll do the day shift.
I'll come home from work in the afternoon and do a few hours as well as extra cleaning.

We'll be sleeping in the living room, squeezing ourselves past wardrobes in the hallway, doing double hard labour work shifts and not doing laundry for the coming week.


  1. You can do it! The new bed will make it all worthwhile.

    1. Hard labour - I am very happy to have an office to escape to during daytime!

  2. No time to sleep! Get back to work! :)

  3. The first night you get to sleep in it, will be bliss!

    1. Oh yes! (as reported from a broken mattress on the floor)