Wednesday, 28 March 2018

New floor

Project Bedroom is almost already over.

After three days, all walls has been painted, the old floor is out, the new floor is in.
I am now busy painting layer after layer on the radiator and endless amounts of heating pipes.
Three days! It took only three days (not including mental preparations).
We are so tired.

After all the discussing, planning, preparing and thinking and re-thinking Project Bedroom,
- when the going actually got going, the going went fast.

We have gone from this:
(note the cat-puke-stain, at least over eight years old
from a cat who died over five years ago)

It took one day to browse the do-it-yourself shops in the area via the internet for a suitable floor in a style we liked for a price that was reduced at the moment and with industrial strength (we are not redoing it in eight years), going to the shop, picking, lifting and buying and then with a borrowed in-store cart wheeling the heavy packages of floor-boards home through the neighbourhood in evening rush-hour.
Nobody raised an eyebrow. (This is Amsterdam after all).
It took an hour to drag the whole thing home.
Half an hour to walk the cart back.
Two hours after initial flooring decision, we had everything needed for Project Bedroom in the house. We reused paint already in the house (except radiator paint, had to buy more of that.)
Then it was nose to the grinding stone and just holding it there until it was done.

We now have this:
We are waiting for the bed. It will be arriving any day now.
Except the legs. We'll cycle back out to IKEA to get them separately.
A nice little 16 kilometre return cycle trip but then we don't have to wait for them (something.. something.. delivery problems... never mind, we'll fix it ourselves).
And painting the new skirting boards.
And painting the window frame.


  1. You will definitely NEED that bed when everything is done.

    1. Oh yes, I am so fed up with sleeping in the living room!

  2. This sounds like something different from a simple DIY task. It has had a spiritual dimension too.

    1. Never worked so hard physically for spiritually before...