Monday, 19 March 2018

One year ago

What a difference a year makes... (sung with the voice of Dinah Washington).

A year and a week ago we came home after living a month in Lisbon.
A year ago we came up from bed after both having suffered a bad cold.
We learnt so much about Portugal and Lisbon, about ourselves and each other during the trip.
We changed, evolved and let go of nonsensical ambitions.

When home, we set up a number of short-term ambitions. It is high time to assess what happened.

Alcohol - the ambition was to avoid alcohol for a month. I do not think that really happened. I drink wine most weeks (about five glasses in total) so it does add up over the year. There was a white month in January of 2018 that probably lasted longer than the ambition of March 2017.

Meat - the ambition was to not eat meat for a month and this ambition has had a lot more staying power. We eat very little meat these days. Perhaps twice a month for the man and less for me. This also excludes fish and seafood. Otherwise it is vegetarian food completely. (We are not going vegan.)

Daily walk - the daily walk routine continues but has been complemented with ten minutes of morning belly exercises. All mornings since then actually. I am still making attempts of running and weekend cycling trips. The subsequent weight loss of 2017 has made the increased physical activities more enjoyable.

Buy-ban - I apparently attempted a total buy-ban between March and June 2017. I have no memory of this. That is often the problem with ambitions. They are so easily said and equally easily forgotten.

New job - nope, didn't do that. Sent some applications, attempted some interviews but nothing very ambitiously or passionately. Hanging in with the old job (because what I do is good) hoping administration will stop hindering me from doing my job.

Stay close to the man - this is another of the ambitions that had staying power. I learnt in Lisbon that is does not matter much where I am or how I live. As long as the man is around. The more the better. The closer the better. Shoulder to shoulder 24/7 is good. For a hard-nosed fifty (almost) year old woman with an independent personality, it came as quite a surprise. The man is even more shocked. Thankfully he has the corresponding ambition (or things could become awkward).

Have you achieved your ambitions from a year ago?


  1. As usual I am impressed with your resolve. I can't believe it has been a year since Lisbon!