Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Paints & Varnishes

There has been an inventory made of all the remaining paints and varnishes in the house.
The inventory took weeks to prepare and about five minutes to do.

We have the following.
Wall paint: white, dark grey, red and blue.
Glossy paint: white and black with a small jar of white radiator paint.
Dark oak wood stain.
High gloss varnish.
Hobby sized jar of golden paint.

Just to be completely complete with all paints in the house there are also
Nail polish in gold, orange, red, blue and clear, as well as
Oil paint for canvas in white and black.

The white and red wall paint will be used in Project bedroom whenever we get around to it.
Not re-decorating.
We will just re-paint it exactly as it is today with the left over paints from Project kitchen and the red left over paint from when the bedroom was painted the last time (thirteen years ago?).


  1. I would take the old stuff (like the red) to the recycling center. Anything that old may be in questionable condition. Then I should take my own advice and get rid of some of the old paints, etc. around my house and garage.

    1. I want to be cheeky and say that I will take your advice when you take it yourself - but I am busy painting the red wall in the bedroom...