Friday, 16 March 2018

Project Bedroom

There is a new project brewing in the pipeline.

Through Project Closet and its eventual closure, several new skills were rediscovered and learned.
Plastering, cleaning and painting ceilings and walls is not difficult. It is just heavy work.
It takes time. It requires to clear out the space where the work is going on which will mess up other areas of the house - because we really do not have any extra space for store things that must come out of the work area. But it is not difficult.
We know how to do it and with a little more practice, we can probably do it really well and possibly even as well as a professional. Not as quickly, but with the same end result.

Laying a floor using click-floor boards is not difficult.
The man knows how to do it. He feels confident in how to do it. We have accessed the tools needed and we can use them. Having laid one floor on his own, has given him the ability to do another, even if it is bigger and more visible. That is the confidence of experience. I have also gained the confidence of his experience. If he can do it, so can I. If I can, so can you.
Not quickly, and not without having to work hard at doing it. But it is possible.
By doing it ourselves we can keep the costs down and the flexibility for when the work is done, up.

We need a new mattress and we want a longer bed.
To buy a new mattress without buying a longer bed is not an option.
We should have a 210 cm long mattress (we are both very tall).
If we change our bed, there is no other alternative than to solve all issues at the same time.
When a 2,10 metre long bed goes in into our tiny bedroom, it is never coming out again.
So a new floor need to be put in first.
We have a vague shared idea of the type of flooring we want.
Before the new floor goes in, however the ceiling and the walls desperately need a new coat of paint.
The radiator and all piping will be painted at the same time.

New bed, new mattress, new sheets, new floor, new paint.
All in one go.
Everything except the bed must be in the house before the work starts.

My large wardrobe must also be emptied, dismantled, moved out and stored in the office else while the work is being done, and to make it possible to fit the new bed in.
To paint the walls the wall-hung shelf must also be emptied and taken down and found a place for. Curtains taken down and folded up somewhere.
The old bed must be broken up and either moved out of the house to be picked up by the city on the special large garbage collection day - or, stored somewhere until we can use the pieces to build side tables from. Only when the old bed is out, can we take the old carpeting and under flooring out.
I get tired just thinking about it. 

From then on and until the work is finished, we will have to sleep on the floor. In the living room - but there are no blinds there? The office is very small and will have a wardrobe in it.
The kitchen is not big enough. The hallway - could that be possible? Could we sleep in the hallway?
There are no other options.

The preparations and the planning will be long and elaborate.
The work itself will hopefully take a week at the most but it will be hard work.
And it will not be done now.


  1. Oh my goodness what a pain! We are both tall also and slept in a normal double bed (137*187)for a few years, an antique bedstead, and eventually we made it bigger by replacing the two long ways runners and making a slat base that extended 8cm more on each size. So now it is a queen, and it all comes apart. Makes me happy as while we do a lot of painting and curtain making and stuff, I do love me a bit of furniture remaking :)

    1. Gosh, that is a small bed by my standards! But I agree, sometimes style have to go over function. (We currently have a 1,80x2,00 bed in a 2,00x2,10 space. The ambitious attempt is to get a 1,80x2,10 in there.)